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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Granny Begins My Addiction

  [Note: This was published online at Onania.Org yesterday, 3/10/2014. I figure my loyal readers deserve to have it too.  Plus, you get pictures!]

If I am a chronically addicted masturbator (and I am), my first “pusher” was my grandmother. It was she who “strung me out” and made me so that any time I get the chance, I masturbate, even after all these years since she first got me addicted to it.

When I was about 11 my parents sent me to stay with her for a week while they went out of town. I told my mother I didn’t want to stay with Grandma because she was fat and I didn’t like her. And she was fat, around 250 pounds, I guess. She had a bulging tummy, fat thighs and a huge ass. She sort of rolled when she walked and I thought she was awful.

 My mother just smiled and told me that’s where I was going anyway.

At Grandma’s house, I stayed in my room as much as I could. I had learned to masturbate that summer and I thought that it would be the perfect time to jack off. Grandma was just letting me be alone in the guest room. I waited until I knew she was downstairs watching her TV and then I took my clothes off and began to jerk off. Just as I was really getting into it, I looked up to see Grandma standing in the bedroom doorway. The look on her face scared me and my erection immediately deflated.

“Get your clothes on and come downstairs immediately!” she said and went away.

When I got downstairs she was sitting in her easy chair in front of the TV with a cross look on her face. She pointed to the floor in front of the chair and told me to stand there in front of her. I went and stood there very still.

“Did anyone give you permission to masturbate in my house?”

“No, Grandma,” I was mortified.

“Do you think you can just come in here and squirt your cum any time you please?” her voice was very harsh and scolding.

“No, Ma’am.”

“You only get to cum when I SAY you can; DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You don’t
 masturbate in my house unless I tell you you can! Are we clear?”

“Yes” I was barely able to speak above a whisper, I was so embarrassed. I stood there as she stared me down.

“Do you want to jack off now?” she smirked.

“No Ma’am.”

“Well, you shouldn’t! … It’s nasty and it’s wrong to do it in my house. People can only do it if I say you can.”

“Okay, I’m so sorry.”

“Come closer,” she demanded. I crept up another step. Exasperated she reached out and curled her pudgy fingers into my waistband and pulled me right up to the edge of her chair.

“You think I’m ugly because I’m fat.”

“I … I ..”

“Shut up!”

“You think these are fat and ugly, don’t you?” She pointed at both her mountainous breasts covered by her sweater. I didn’t say a word.

“Look at me!” she said.

Her hands went to her sweater and pulled it up. Now I could see the large white bra holding them. The cups were huge.

I could barely breathe as she shrugged out of her top and reached behind her and unfastened the clasp on that huge bra. I will remember that forever.

Her giant tits spilled out as she pulled the bra off.

I stared at them. I couldn’t move. Her breasts were awesome — huge white bulging mountains with fat pinkish brown aureoles the size of coasters. In the middle were reddish fat nipples the size of the end of my thumb. I realized they were magnificent!

“Think they’re ugly now?” she taunted. She held each one in her hands and hefted them up away from her body. “Yes, they are fat. … good n’ fat!”

“I …um …they … they’re beaut –“

“Sure …you think they’re beautiful now.” She smirked. She let them fall back onto her body and leaned forward, letting their pendulous weight make them sag. My penis began to throb.

“Now do you want to masturbate?”

Without waiting for an answer she pulled at my belt, unclasped it and unzipped my pants.

“Let’s just see,” she chuckled.
My pants slid down around my knees. She tugged at my briefs with her pudgy fingers and they came down too. My penis was jerking and stiffening. Even though it was naked in front of my Grandma, my erection was growing.

“Oh yes, you want to masturbate.”

I’ll never forget the gentle way she reached out and curled her fingers around the shaft of my penis and stroked it, making it harder and harder.

“Your parents haven’t taught you anything about jacking off yet, have they?”

“Uh uh.” I grunted. I just stood there and watched as my grandmother masturbated my penis until it was hard.

“Your mom should already be teaching you this stuff,” Grandma said. She was sweetly milking my shaft as she looked up at my face. “ .. and your dad. He knows a lot of tricks.

She was quietly laughing at me as she jacked me off. “I guess they haven’t realized you started a little early.  I’m sure they will want to show you everything. I’m just going to teach you little bit about how to behave.

“My titties are pretty to you now, huh?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Let’s do this …” Grandma pulled my penis forward until the tip of it was touching her left nipple. She held her big tit in one hand and circled the tip of my prick around and around her hard nipple. A little thread of my precum stretched out over her areola, then it broke and the silver goo painted her nipple.

“Fun, huh?” she smiled. She lifted up her other breast and pressed my cock against her other nipple, making it sink into her tit flesh. I was trembling. I had never imagined something could feel that good!

“Your mom used to suck on these as a baby. Your dad sucks on them too, only that started much later.

“Now, every once in a while, she’ll suck on one, and he’ll suck on the other.” The picture of that in my head made me want to cum. She stared at her nipples and my cock kissing them, remembering, I guess, those moments with my parents.

It was overwhelming! I couldn’t believe how good my dick felt as she played with it, moving it back and forth from one of her nipples to the other. I felt my penis start to spasm. Grandma did too.

Don’t you cum!” she said, “Don’t you dare cum!” Grandma squeezed my dick really hard and held it until it was painful and it stopped me from cumming.

“Remember,” she said “you only get to cum when I say you can cum! You have to hold it! You have to until I say different! This is my house and you do what I say with your penis!!”

“I … I’ll try, Grandma.”

“Try very hard.” She demanded. She held my penis is a vice-like grip until she was sure I wouldn’t cum.

“You like my titties, now, don’t you? You don’t think they’re ugly at all, do you?”

I shook my head and tried not to cum, but I really really wanted to. At last she let go a bit and began jacking me off slowly. She spent a long time just masturbating me with my dick pressing against one of her nipples or the other.

“You can fuck them now,” she said.

She gathered her breasts in her hands and pressed them around my shaft. They molded around it and I was held inside an incredibly soft warm tunnel. I started thrusting back and forth in her deep cleavage, fucking her giant tits and groaning as she squeezed them around my little penis.

“That’s it, honey,” she said, in such a different, grandmotherly tone of voice; so loving, so sexy. “Fuck them. Fuck my titties!”

I did as I was told, although I was very young and had no idea what I was doing. I just kept stroking into that wonderful valley of tit flesh my grandmother was making for me. Every time I was on the verge of orgasming, she would stop it with her death grip on my penis until the urge to cum subsided. All the while she whispered her sexual thoughts and instructions to me.

“You haven’t seen a pussy yet, have you? … eventually maybe I’ll let you see mine if you obey me. I don’t think you’ll find it ugly either.

“ .. let your mom show you this … I’ll tell your dad to teach you how to “edge” … ohh your pretty little penis is so hard! ….”

Ahhhhhhh!” I cried.

All of a sudden there was nothing I could do, my cock suddenly quivered and spasmed and I began squirting cum. The first spurt flew up toward my Grandma’s face, the next two spurts painted the tops of her breasts and then she got control of my penis and held it to her left nipple where it squirted over and over against that hot hard button. The cum dripped down onto her fat, jean-covered thighs. I had never cum like that in my life before! It was the best thing I had ever felt. I was close to fainting.

“Ohhh, Honey!” Grandma cooed. “You weren’t supposed to cum yet! But I know, … it just felt too good didn’t it? God you’re cumming so much!”

Grandma pulled me down so that I sat in her lap. We both stared down at my penis as it jerked and spat out more sperm, the last drops oozing out and leaking down into my crotch. She pulled some tissues out of the box on the table by her chair. She handed me some too.

“Help me wipe up,” she said. She began wiping my cum off her cheek and her chin. “Don’t be shy; you can wipe it off my tits.”

She cuddled me in her lap for awhile, petting my penis, wiping us both off wherever the cum had spurted.

“Next time, you have to hold it better.” She said. “You have to wait until I let you cum. You have to learn. I’m SERIOUS!!”

She pushed me off her lap, making me stand up and pull my pants back up.

“If you want to see my pussy, you better practice on doing it right, young man.”

She handed me the box of tissues and told me to go back to my room.

As I went up the stairs she said. “You have my permission to jack off tonight as much as you want, only don’t be in a hurry to cum. You have to learn to hold it until I say!”

“Okay, Grandma.” Already I wanted to masturbate some more, and I wanted desperately to see her pussy.

“We’ll start teaching you real discipline tomorrow.” She said to my back.

And don’t cum on my sheets!” she yelled.

That was my first lesson, my introduction to my addiction.



“Did he fuck you?” my mom asked into the phone.

“Well, that’s very nice, Mother, but you could have if you wanted; I mean, it doesn’t have to be me first."

"Well yes, it is his cherry,” she said, “... See my pussy? … he’s earning it right now.

She turned and looked at me. ”Grandma says you can’t cum unless I say you can.”

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Masturbating for Candy

Candy came into the den while I was watching TV and plopped down on the couch across from my easy chair and started talking. I was surprised at her a little, since at her age she barely ever notices I’m around.
“My volleyball coach says we should be aware that our dads masturbate over thoughts of us,” she said. “She said they even get our dirty panties out of the hamper and sniff them. Or they’ll put them on their faces or even wrap them around their penis when they ‘do it’.”

I just sat there and didn’t say word. What could I say anyway?

She wasn’t content with just telling me that and giving me her most withering expression as she looked steadily into my eyes. “I know you masturbate.”
“What?” I said. “How …”
“I’ve seen you here in your office ... with your porn.” she said, cutting me off. “ … and in the garage when you thought no one was there.  My friend Arianne watched you, too.”
“That’s not …
“Is my coach right? Do you think about me when you masturbate?”
After a long minute I stared back at her and nodded. “Sometimes.”

“Do you masturbate into my panties?”

I just nodded. “And with your bras too.”

"Daddy!” she cried in kind of phony shock. “Do all fathers do this? …

“Not all,” I said, trying to be honest and sound matter-of fact. “We don’t talk about it to each other. It’s very private with us. But I think a lot of us do.”

“God,’ she said, “That’s so pervy!

“The coach says you all want to … fuck us. She says it’s your natural inclination.”

 “Lots of fathers do want to fuck their daughters,” I admitted, “But it’s wrong. … It’s incest.”

“Yeah, she said that too. She warned us that it might happen … that some of you fathers might try to do it. She said to tell her if you tried.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Candy. I would never do that.”

“But you’ll masturbate over the thought of me?”

“YES, goddamn it.” I said. “That’s different, and none of your business. It's just fantasy. Drop it, okay?”

She got up and stomped away in her usual defiant way.

It simmered like that for a few hours. Her mother noticed more than usual tension between Candy and me over dinner, but Linda was wise enough not to say anything. There was just a lot of silence. Candy went to her room right after dinner and talked on her cell to Arianne.


Later that night I was in my little home office. Linda was watching TV in the bedroom.

Candy came in and walked right up to my office chair. She held out her hand and let a balled-up pair of her panties unfold as she held them by the waistband.

I looked up at her with a questioning expression.

“If I give you these will you masturbate with them?”

“Maybe.” I said and reached out for them. “I’ll let you know ….”

She snatched them back out of my reach.

“No!” she said sharply. “I mean will you masturbate into them right now?”

“Shhh, your mom is right in the bedroom!”

“She’s half asleep. she doesn’t care anyway.” Candy said.

She turned and shut the door into the hallway and turned back to me.

“There. She can’t hear now.”

Candy held the panties out again. “Will you masturbate with them or not?”

I looked at her hard and said, “It will have to be my way. You’ll have to do something for me if you want this.”


 “I mean you’ll have to do some things to get me hard. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

“Like what?” she asked, half curious, half irritated.

“My rules.” I said. “Do what I ask. Take it or leave it.”

What?” she asked again.
“Be quiet! Don’t make her come in here.” I reached out and grabbed the panties and spread them on my pants leg. Goddamn me but my cock was already stiffening and throbbing to life.

She stood in front of me and watched as I lifted my crotch a little and reached for my zipper. She smirked as I pulled the zipper down and spread open my fly.

“Shut up” I warned. “No comments!”

I pulled my cock out and let it rest on my pants leg. It was jerking and starting to rise.

“Show me your titties.” I said.


“Show me your titties!
“I need to see them to be aroused.”

Candy was wearing her team t-shirt and jeans. As if it was something she did all the time, she simply slid the t-shirt over her head and tossed it onto my computer desk. She was wearing one of those cotton stretch bras without hooks. She pulled it around and lifted it off her breasts and let them fall free. I hadn’t gotten a good look at her breasts since she had started high school. They were perfect: conical, full and alabaster white where the tan lines stopped. Her nipples were pink against the darker purple of her areolas. She pulled the bra over her head and tossed it onto her t-shirt. She just stood there and let me look.

That did the trick. My cock responded by throbbing and jerking powerfully. In seconds it was sticking straight up out of my pants. Candy watched it intently as it became hard.

“Oh my god.” she whispered.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “oh my god.” I moved her panties up onto my crotch and draped them around the base of my erection. Then I grasped my cock in my hand and slowly stroked it for her.

Candy stood very still, scarcely breathing as she watched me begin to masturbate. Her eyes kept looking at my face, then returning to my cock as I jerked it.

I spread my legs wider and lifted up my crotch again until I was fucking my hand in little back and forth movements.

The room was quiet - just the sound of both of us breathing more rapidly and the quiet rubbing of my hand along the shaft of my erect dick.

“You’re really masturbating!” Candy whispered. ”You’re doing it!”

“Uh huh.” I sighed. I leaned back in the chair and pointed my cock up towards her and jacked off, a bit more rapidly now.

For a couple of minutes we both just concentrated on what I was doing to myself. My cock was fully erect and traveling back and forth in my fist as I fucked my hand.

Soon a little clear bead of precum formed in the slit at the tip of my penis and started a slow drip down the head. Candy watched it carefully. Then another formed and soon a little silver trail of the wet precum began dribbling down my shaft.
“Precum” I sighed.
Candy just nodded absently. Her breathing was more aroused than I think she wanted me to know.

At that point I took the panties in my other hand and bunched them around my stiff shaft. They were a kind of silky fabric, purple-pink colored with little flowers on them. They felt slick against my cock flesh, soft and good! I wrapped them around my cock and began fucking into them. I groaned just a little to let her know how good her panties felt on my dick.
“Pull your pants down,” I rasped.

She started to say something, but instead hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and tugged them down until they were at her knees. Next her panties came down

Her pubic hair was rich brown and formed a sweet little bush of thick curls over her mons.  I felt my cock twitch and began aching as I stared at the exposed flesh of her vulva lips. Her clit was hidden between her thighs, which were closed together because of her jeans holding her knees shut.

“Sit down!” I said.

“Daddy, I …”

“My rules, remember?”

She sat down in the wooden backed chair by my desk, her naked ass just resting on the cushion.

“Spread your legs … let me see your pussy!”

Candy had this strange, serious expression as she let her thighs fall open and expose her crotch to my gaze.

It was my turn to say “Oh my God.” Quietly. I barely noticed that my hand was slipping the silky panties up and down my shaft. I groaned again and fucked into the panties faster and harder.  The fabric where I held it against my cock head was damp and turning a darker wine purple from the precum soaking in.

“I’m masturbating for you, darling.” I sighed. “Is this what you want?”
Candy’s little smirk had returned as she held her legs open and leaned back to expose her pussy to my hungry gaze. “Yes. Daddy.  Yes, … it’s what I want.”

“Love your pussy … love your beautiful, sweet … pussy!” I sighed. I squeezed my dick with two hands and jerked it harder.

“Masturbate, Daddy.” She urged. “Masturbate with my panties.”

“Uhhhhh” I groaned and fucked in and out of the soft silk briefs.

Candy stared at my penis as it disappeared into her underwear and then reappeared. Back and forth, up and down, I fucked into them and masturbated more furiously with each stroke.

I just had to “goon” as she sat there and watched me. Quietly, so as not to disturb Linda. I began chanting over and over, ‘your pussy. your pussy. sweet fuckin’ pussy. pussy .. pussy, pusssssyyyy. Candyyyyy, your pussssyyyy!!”

“That’s it, Daddy” she cooed. “Masturbate!! Masturbate for me. Masturbate for me. Massturbate!!!”

We both were caught up in the thrill of this totally forbidden act. Our breathing was harsh now, and I was so aroused. The silk panties were a wonderful feeling around my cock as I jerked and rubbed it through the soft fabric. I tried to slow down and make it last, but the ache inside my shaft and the delicious tingle in my balls let me know I was close to my orgasm.

“Gonna cum.” I sighed.

Candy just sat up a little and stared intently at my cock and at the expression of lust on my face. .

“Gonna cummmmm!” I repeated. My cock was spasming, aching wonderfully.

“Do it, daddy!” Candy said. “Cum!”
I pulled the panties up higher on my shaft and held a bit of the folded fabric over my hard purple cock head. I gripped my penis tightly, stroking it fast and holding it straight up. “Gonna CUM!” I panted.

“ … cum in your panties!”

“Let me see!” she cried, a little too loud. She slipped off the chair and onto her knees on the carpet in front of me. “Let me SEE!!

I scooted forward, pulled my cock down to an angle that pointed at my daughter and let it nestle in a groove I made in the wadded up ball of her panties so she could watch it cum. We could both see the head of it lying in the silk trough I held just under it.  Just as I did, the first long squirt spurted out of the tip. The ropy white stream shot over her panties, and landed on Candy’s bare shoulder, dripped onto my pants leg and went everywhere.

“Mmmm …. Goddddd!” I groaned.
The second spurted onto her naked tit and painted a milky goo on her skin. Then a third and a forth spit out hitting her flesh below her tits but mostly just spattering onto my pants. The rest squirted into the panties I held under my cock.

I leaned back in my swivel chair and let the cum ooze out to be soaked up by Candy’s wadded-up panties.

My daughter remained on her knees, watching my cock as it pulsed out the last of my cum. After a moment, she pulled the sodden panties out of my hands and began wiping my cum off of her skin.

My breathing began to slow and I slumped back in my chair and let my cock dribble the last of my cum onto my pants.

Candy stood up, pulled her jeans up and reached for her bra and t-shirt.

“Is that what you wanted?” I rasped.

My daughter seemed a little shocked and distracted by what she had watched, what she had made happen; so she just nodded and pulled her t-shirt on without her bra.  She pushed her cummed-on panties into the bra and folded it over on them.

Without a word she turned and slipped out of the door leaving it open and leaving me sitting in my chair with my softening dick in my hand, oozing the very last of my cum onto my pants.

I didn’t move for a long time, just sat there trying to take in everything that had just happened. Finally, I slid my pants off, went into the bathroom and tossed them into the hamper after I wiped myself up. I put on my bathrobe and went to join Linda in the bedroom.

As I went down the hallway, I heard Candy on her cell talking to Arianne.

“Yeah, he did! I got them! … did you get yours?”

Linda wasn’t asleep at all. As I got into bed with her she looked at me with a mocking expression and said, “Did you two have fun?”

*I own none of these photos, they are all copied from the internet. I will remove any of them at the copyright owner's request.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Variations on a Theme - pictorial

"Daddy's in my bed. Are you going to masturbate while I fuck him?"

"Yes you heard your Dad in there, son. He's fucking the shit out of your little sister. ... I'm helping."

Yeah, Mom, Daddy's in here. I'm fucking him. So what?


Sundays were always wonderful at my family’s house.
My mom thought my dad worked hard so she would let him sleep in while she got dressed and went to church. She would usually stay gone until mid-afternoon.
As soon as she heard the car drive away my sister would get up, pad barefoot down the hall in her nightgown and get into bed with my dad. I would immediately get a hard-on. I would give them a couple of minutes, grab a handful of kleenex and then sneak down the hallway to my parents’ bedroom door.
I could hear my sister and my dad giggling and whispering and making out. Eventually the sounds became a wet slapping together of their bodies. I would masturbate my naked cock furiously to the sound of my sister’s lush moans, my father’s grunts and the rhythmic creaking of the bed as they fucked. I tried to smother my own groans when I spurted my cum.
Eventually my sister would come out of the bedroom, naked, usually with her nightgown balled up in her hand. Her sexy cunt was at my eye level as I knelt on the floor. I could inhale the hot smell of it. As she closed the bedroom door, I would stare longingly at her jizz-spattered cunt lips, her damp muff and the wet smears of her pussy juice and his cum glinting and dripping out of her vagina and running down between her thighs. She never said anything to me but she’d let me look and then just smile condescendingly as she stepped over the cum-soaked tissues scattered around me and walked to the bathroom.

Repairs to the Blog

The Google Plus rat bastards terminated me and all my services under their control. Something in G+ or Gmail pissed them off. It meant the loss of my Picasa picture files where blog pics are stored. Fortunately I had an alternate web author who participated in the blogs with me so I didn't lose everything we've written and posted. (Thanks, Honeybee) It'll take me awhile to restore the site, but I'm working on it. Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family phone calls, late at night

“It’s after midnight!” she complained. Her voice was sleepy, irritated.
“Connie’s gone on a trip.” I said.
“Oh, … well then there’s only one reason you’d call me this late.”
“….Yeah.” I tried to sound shy, but not too pathetic.
“Oh … alright …” she said in a mock exasperated tone.
“Do you remember that first time with me?” she asked. “Do you want that?”
“yes, … please.”
“How I sat on your bed and reached under the sheets?”
“uh huh.”
“How I touched your little cock and made it hard?”
“How I masturbated you? It was your birthday. You were so surprised.”
“Uh huh.” I said. My cock was throbbing.
“Are you hard right now?”
“Remember how good my hand felt on your little penis?  How wonderful my fingers made you feel?”
“Uh huh,” she could hear my panting and she knew I was stroking desperately.
“Jerk it, honey. Touch yourself just like I touched you then..
“I’m opening my pj’s, sweety;  if you were here you could see my titties. Oh my nipples are getting hard. I wish you could suck them like you used to.”
“I love sucking your titties.” I said. My voice was shakey. I really needed what only she could give me tonight.
“I know, honey. They love your mouth on them. Masturbate for me. Think about my titties and masturbate.
“yes, ma’am.”
“Jerk yourself good,” she said,”remember how I made you so hard. Let me hear how you love me.”
“ohh .. ohhh Mama. I love you! I love your titties. I love your nipples! I’m masturbating.”   
I held cellphone so she could hear the rustle of the sheets as I stroked, the slick fapping sounds I made on my lubed-up dick.
“Mmmmm” she sighed over her phone
“That’s what you need, honey, you jerking to my voice. It’s so nice. Masturbate!
“I’m pulling my bottoms down, sweety. … That’s what you do to me, you know.
“Uh huh.” I lay back on the bed and fucked up into my hand.
“I’m rubbing my pussy.” She said, “That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
“uh huh”  I stroked harder.
“There, honey …” she groaned. “I’m masturbating with you!”
I almost shot as I suddenly heard the wet slishy sounds her vulva made as she frigged it. I knew she was holding the phone down by her cunt as she fingered herself.
Masturbate!” she commanded, “Masturbate your cock for me!”
“Yes, Mamma.”
“That’s right, baby,” she cooed, “Make it feel so good, just like when we were together. I’m playing with my pussy.”
“I’m jerking.”  I groaned as I humped up into my fist and squeezed my cock.
“Let’s just listen to each other.” She said. I could hear her slishy sounds get louder as she returned the phone to the space on the bed between her thighs, right up by her naked crotch. It got me so hard.
Soon I was groaning and gooning loudly into my phone, hoping she could faintly hear my sweet struggle with my penis -- my sounds coming up from the phone between her legs.
Then she returned the phone to the pillow next to her head as she listened to me fucking my hand.
“That’s it, darling! Masturbate for Mommy! Jerk it hard! Remember how I stroked you!”
“Ohhh, Mom,” I cried out. “Ohhh … Mommy I’m masturbating so good for you!”
“Yes, honey, yes,” she said, “Masturbate …. MASTURBATE! Masturbate for me!”
“uhh uhhhh!”
I groaned and jerked and cried out to her, imagining how she was jilling her pussy in response. We were masturbators masturbating together! I didn’t know how long it was, but for a while we were just sighing  into our phones and fapping together. Two masturbators jerking on the phone together across a hundred miles.
“I need ..  I need to …” I began. My aching cock was spasming now, I was so close.
Then she adopted her stern voice. “NO! Don’t you cum yet!!”
“no, Mama.”
“Don’t you dare cum yet!  
“Make it last. Edge yourself!
“I wanna cum!” I groaned.
“Not YET!” she demanded. “I need more!”
“I have to cum, Momma.” I whined. “please!”
“I know, I know, I know you want to cum, darling. Try to hold it just a little longer!”
“I can’t, I gotta cum.”
“Wait! Hold it, baby!” She breathed rhythmically into the phone and I knew she was trying to hurry and make herself catch up and cum with me.
I was just on the verge of my climax now.
“I’m gonna cum!” I grunted.
“Okay then, darling.” she said finally, ”Cum.”  
“Cum for me!” she cried. “Cum for Momma!”
“yes, ohhhh goddddd, I’m cumming!’
CUM, baby! Cummmmmm!”
All of a sudden my aching dick spasmed, jerked and erupted.
“Cumminggg!” I groaned. “Ohh ohhh Ohhhhhhhh!”
Three or four hard spurts of jism shot out of my cock, spattering on the sheets below. It felt incredible!
“Ahhhhh, Momma! I’m CUMMING!”
“Yes, baby, YESS” she cried. “Cum for me! Cum for your mother!!!!
I groaned and cried out and went rigid on the bed as more cum spurted out, then rhythmically squirted, and finally just oozed out of my wonderfully jerking penis. “I love you, Mom!!! I’m cumming!”
YES!” she cried and then all I could hear was the marvelous sound of her whimpering cries as she, too, began to cum.
For a long moment neither of us said anything into the phone as we savored our climaxes. My cock drooled and leaked the last of my cum into my fist and drained down into my pubic hair. I knew mom was rubbing her pussy and savoring her orgasm as her pussy juices streamed out of her vagina.
“There ...” She said. “Is that what you called for?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Was it good?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“I’m glad, baby,” she said, “I love masturbating with you. I love these phone calls”
I felt my cock slowly deflating as the goo dripped down it.
“You are so good to me, Ma. I need it so bad. ”
“You obviously know you can call me anytime like this.”
“I do. Thank you.”
“It’s Mother’s Day next week. You should drive up.”
“I’ll try.”
“You need to fuck me.”
“I know I do Mom.” I said, “I really want to.”
“Well … give Connie my love.”
“I will.”
“G’night honey, sweet dreams.”
“G’night,” I said, but she had already ended the call.

“Hi …” she said.
“Hi sis.”
“I just talked to Mom.”
“Are you still in a masturbating mood?”
“I could be.”
“Make me cum, Big Brother.”
I could feel my dick starting to thicken as I began talking her out of her clothes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Dozen Things My Mom Said to Me in Bed

1) As she took off her skirt, she waved her hand down at her crotch. “All up in under here is hungry pussy.”
2) “You’ve been staring at them since you were eleven!” she said, opening her nightgown wide. “Now grab them! Kiss them! Suck them!”
3) “Squirt it! Cum in Mommy’s pussy!”
4) She stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray on the nightstand, letting the sheet slip down off her breasts. “I think all mothers want to fuck their sons. It’s just natural. That's why they make it illegal, they don't want everybody to find out how good it is! … they do that to all the best things. Ohhh, fuck me just like that!” 
5) “About the nastiest thing I can think of to do with you is take your cock up my ass. Are you ready?”
6) “Feel how wet you make me, you bastard?” she sighed. “That’s how much I fucking want it.” She groaned as I stroked into her.
7) “Incest is common in our family. You dad went crazy for years fucking your little sister."
8) “Anatomically, the two most perfect pussies in the whole world for you are your sister’s … and mine. That’s just genetics.” She pushed her crotch up against me. 
9) “Of course I love sucking your cock!” she grinned up at me. “It’s mine. I made it.”
10) "Is Mommy's widdle baby getting hard again?" she teased. "Does snookums want his great big pee pee back in Mommy's nice warm pussy some more?"
11) “Kiss it. Mmmmm, kiss it right there! Yes! … that’s so right.”
12) "Now who's the best cocksucker, baby? Mommy!” she smirked. “Don’t cum in my hair!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TABOO -- No. 1 – The First Time I Crossed The Line.

We're fascinated by Taboo – (incest), aren't we? I find it incredibly hot, and I don’t care. I’m starting a set of short little vignettes here about me and Emily. I’ll keep adding to this.

Her mother was away. Emily was about 6, I remember; and I was in charge of supervising her bath. I sat on the edge of the tub and watched her splash in the bubbles, wiggle her little fanny when she laughed and rolled around in the sudsy water. I couldn't take my eyes off of her tiny little girl nipples
and her slender little legs, I was so drawn to her nakedness. As the water drained, I loved lifting her naked from the tub and spending a long time running the towel all over her body, touching her everywhere. It made me erect; my pants were bulging.When I finished drying her little body I carried her naked into her bedroom, holding her close, but being careful not to press my erection against her. In the bedroom I selected her pajamas and started to help her on with them and put her into her little bed. But first I made her lay naked on the sheets and spread her legs wide “so I could see if she was dry everywhere.” I stood there - guiltily drinking in the sight of her beautiful, pink little pussy, so perfect. It was so erotic to look at her forbidden, budding little slit as much as I wanted to. I had waited for so long!  She lay there smiling and holding her legs wide open for her daddy. I looked at her glistening pink flesh and her tiny little anus still damp from the bath, and they just made me harder. I was ashamed at making her show herself like this but I just couldn't help myself. I was so excited at my unhindered sight of the little pink folds of her naked child pussy. I just had to look at it, staring hard for the longest time until I couldn’t stand the guilt any more. My cock was so stiff! And it was so wrong! Finally, I put her into her PJ’s and into bed. Then I sat in the chair next to her bed and read Dr. Seuss to her as she began to fall asleep. She couldn’t see over the pillow so I snuck my hand down ... unzipped, and pulled my cock out as I read aloud.  Quietly - secretly - I masturbated while Emily fell asleep. As I got close to my orgasm I picked up the pair of colorful little panties off the pile of her dirty clothes on the floor and shot cum into them as I sat there and watched her sleep.