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Friday, September 30, 2016

Do you wonder why I don't have any panties on, Daddy?

Do you wonder why I don't have any panties on, Daddy? Do you really? It's because I don't have any fucking clean ones that you haven't ruined, you perv!

Is this what you want to see, Daddy? Is this what you think about when you shoot your cum into my dirty panties? Honestly, it’s so disgusting to find all that crusty stuff in them when I get them out of the hamper! You know it’s awful to wash them out, don’t you? It ruins most of them! I don't have any I can wash tonight that you haven't ruined! I think it would be better if you just spurted your cum on my pussy, I only have to take a shower then and wash it off. 

So go ahead. Jack off on me. Look at my pussy and masturbate! That’s it … masturbate onto my pussy! You are so pathetic! You even think about how good it would feel to be in my pussy, don’t you Daddy! Imagine how wet and warm and soft my pussy is inside. Think about your old dick being in it. ...being in me.  It’s not going to happen, I promise. You’re disgusting!

Go ahead, though ...  jack off . Keep doing what you’re doing now. I won’t tell Mom. Keep looking at my pussy and masturbate until you cum, if you are so desperate. But get it on me, and not on my sheets! Quit humping my pillows after I leave for school! Yes, I can smell your cock on my pillowcases. You leak your cum on them too, did you realize? Please stop it, Daddy. It’s nasty. Look, just come in my room and masturbate on me. I don’t care. You’ll never get to fuck my pussy, but you can cum on it. I’ll let you. Whenever. Any time you think Mom won’t catch you. In the middle of the night instead of standing on the other side of my bedroom door and playing with yourself in the dark.  You’re so so pathetic! You’re never gonna fuck me, even if you beg.

That’s it, … keep jerking. You can shoot it on my clitty if you’re careful. You like my clitty, don’t you? It makes you hard like that, doesn’t it? So hard, huh, Daddy? Go ahead, keep looking at it and jacking off with that silly expression on your face. Masturbate! Cum on it, Daddy. Cum on my pussy. Cum on my hot little pussy. Just remember you are never going to be inside of me. Never!

And you need to give me some money, Daddy. I’m going to buy new panties with it. Maybe I’ll give you the ones you’ve ruined. Would you like that? … My dirty panties for your very own? You can cum in them when I’m not here. You can sniff them like when I caught you. You can lick them or whatever other disgusting things you do. Just stay off my sheets, stay out of my laundry hamper and my panty drawer! You can be in my room only when I’m here and you need to cum on what you’re looking at so hard right now, Daddy. Just ask me, okay? Ask me to cum on my pussy. From now on …you have to ask. Okay ... go ahead and cum. 

Cum on my pussy, Daddy.

Friday, August 19, 2016


“Are they gone?”

“Yeah, they just left. She said they’d be back soon, though.”

“Fuck, not much time! Can we now anyway? I need it so much, big brother.”

“Let’s do it! We can if we hurry. Just get on the couch.”

“You’re already hard! Oh good! Help me get these shorts off.”

“Toss ‘em over there. Jesus, your pussy is so fine, Sis.”

“I’m so ready for it. Put that throw under me, or they’ll see our wet spot.”

“That’s it Janet, just lay back on the cushion.”

“I’m so glad we started fucking, Bro. Wish we’d started long time ago?”

“Spread your legs, Sis.”

“Kiss my titties. Chad, you have to kiss my titties.”

“Let me in you. … God you are so fucking tight!”

“Yeah, fuck me just like this. Ohhhhh.”

“I love your pussy. Let me cum in you this time.”

“Maybe. Kiss me … fuck me. Kiss me, fuck me. Hurry!”

“Let me cum in you!”

“I might. Fuckin’ rock me, Bro. Fuckin' rock my cunt! Oh shit, … your cock! Not so hard, I’m sliding off!”

“Hold on to the couch pillow. I gotta go deep in you ... like this. Mmmfff!”

“Uhhhhng. Sooo good, Bro. Keep fuckin’ my puss. Don’t stop!”

“No chance I’ll stop, little sister. Let me cum in you, dammit.”

“Okay, okay, cum in me, then. It’s almost my period anyway.”

“You are such a fine fuck. Your pussy is so sweet.”

“Fuck me, kiss me. Fuck me, kiss me. Hurry!”

“You feel so fucking good inside, Sis!”

“You have the best cock, Chad  ... fuck me. Fuck me!

“Are you ready? Gonna cum in you.”

“Alright; cum in me then, just hurry, they’re gonna be back!”

“You feel so fucking good inside, Sis!”

“I need your cock in there, fuck me hard. You need to make me cum too!”

“Shit … cumming!”

“Awwwwww, goddddd!”

“I love fucking you, Sis. Love ... your ... pussy!”

Hurry! I think I hear the car.  ...Get off me!”

“Pull your shirt down over your tits. Here’s your shorts.”

“They’re back. Don't forget to zip up! Give me that throw.”

“Hey, let me fuck you tonight. In your room. We can be quiet.”

“No, just drive me by the lake. We can fuck in the car.”

“Hi Mom! Hi Dad!”

Friday, March 25, 2016

I Masturbate Over Nancy.

 This is not my usually fictionalized porn or even half-truth porn. This one is really really true, and if you are reading it you have become a VERY trusted friend and I want you to know. Don't let me down.

I’m not Nancy’s best friend, I don’t even really like her all that much; but I masturbated when she was present once. Yeah, I really did. True story, friends. 

We were all at that resort motel on the coast. She wanted to go swimming in the huge indoor pool with floor to ceiling windows that look out over the beach. The other three of us didn’t want her to swim alone, but nobody was energetic enough to volunteer to go with her. My wife made me go, anyway.

There was nobody else in the pool; it was a rainy, gray afternoon – not really inviting for swimming, But Nancy had to have her “exercise”. I tagged along in my t-shirt and swim trunks, just in case I’d have to jump in and save her or something. But when we got there is was very warm and humid in the pool building, nice and comfy. There happened to be one of those adult spas right next to the large pool. After Nance put her bag and towel down on the bench and showered off, she jumped into the pool and was warming up with a short lap. I decided “what the hell” and sank down into the spa next to the pool. I turned on the jet pumps and quickly the water was frothing around me.

I watched Nancy begin her exercise laps. Now Nance is a big woman, six feet or so and manly. Small tits, big shoulders, muscular, with strong muscular legs. She’s about half a lesbian, my wife and I decided long ago. Nothing wrong with that but it guarantees she’s not very attracted to men, … me in particular. She didn’t need the bathing cap she had on; her hair was bobbed very short.

So I was about chest deep in the spa, leaning against the wall closest to the pool and watching Nance swim.  The water was all warm and sort of sudsy, with a lot of submerged water jets around the sides, squirting powerful steams into the pool. One was right next to me just about waist high. I moved over in front of it as I monitored Nancy over in the pool. Hmmm, it was a very strong pulse of water shooting out, right at penis level. I just had to … you know. I moved my crotch over in front of it and felt the strong jet of water blast against my trunks.  Yeah, it was nice! Real powerful. I put my dick right in the middle of it and was rewarded with a strong sensation of vibrating water. Maybe a little too powerful. I could probably hurt my dick if I let the full stream spurt onto it. But I had to try. Already my erection was starting and I usually obey my cock.

I mashed up against the wall of the spa and watched Nancy swim. Cautiously, I tugged my swim trunks down until they were half way down my thighs. My cock was naked in the water and throbbing to hardness. I leaned on the tiles edging the pool, with my elbows bent. Slowly I edged my penis toward the hard stream of warm water. Oh, God yes. That was really fucking incredible the way it blasted against my nude prick. It did hurt to put my penis directly in the middle of the blast, but I moved slowly until just the right amount of water was sluicing straight into my dick head. I got hard, really good and hard as the water masturbated me. I found I could “fuck” in and out and around the stream of rushing water. I lowered one hand down and lifted my prick enough so that I could also let the jet hit my balls. A little too close and it was painful; but soon I learned how to move my crotch so that my cock and my balls were being perfectly stimulated.

All Nancy could see was a smiling, half attentive guy leaning on his elbows and observing her. She would have been furious; scandalized if she knew I was masturbating in the spa jet. I just let the water do its thing, building up my sexual pleasure as I gently moved my cock and balls around.

It was easy to fantasize about fucking Nancy as I looked at her long body moving in the water. Yeah, her tits weren’t that big, but they were each a large mouthful. Yeah, those tits weren’t that great but the tight bikini top left plenty of their meaty flesh exposed. Her tummy was rounded, but only middle-aged rounded. When she did the back stroke, I could see just an inch or so of her dark brown pubic hair showing above her swimsuit waistband. She wasn’t all that fastidious about her pubes. It was kind of manly of her. I promised to let myself have a look when she got out of the pool later to see if her muff hairs stuck out of the leg openings too. I totally had to imagine her pussy, thinking about fat labia swelling in the water, her juices mixing with the pool water. I fantasized about her clit – she often goes away with a girlfriend or two for weekend holidays. I imagined a big fat girl-dick sticking out after being sucked by Jenny or Margaret or one of those two lesbians who live across the road from them.

I imagined those long strong legs wrapped across my ass rather than flutter kicking in the water. I thought of her on her knees as I dragged her suit bottom off her ass and fucked into her wet pussy right here on the edge of the pool, doggie style.

Here was this masturbation muse swimming right in front of me, her big body undulating as I thrust my cock in and out of the hard stream of the water jet, swaying my ass as I let the jet masturbate me. I waved at her and whispered quietly how she’d never know I was masturbating to her right now, and picturing how I’d fuck the hell out of her. As if in sexual synchronism, I trust into the water jet in time to her swimming strokes. Careful … careful not to make it too much, too stimulating. I enjoyed a long playtime with my penis and balls, loving how I was really getting off over this woman who could barely understand me, and who would be incensed if she knew I was about to cum this way.

Yeah, yeah, finally I couldn’t stop it from happening. I clenched my teeth and groaned just a little as I pushed my prick into the hardest part of the stream and felt the water tear the cum out of the slit in the end of it. I pulsed and pulsed, barely able to stand the super stimulating pressure of the water. It was all I could do just to keep from yelling, “I’m cumming Nancy! I cumming over you, you lez bitch. I’m fucking letting this spa masturbate me and I’m cumming because of you!”

I held myself up on my elbows, hearing me groan, “so fucking good!” and feeling my penis squirt over and over under the water. God, what if she did hear? Would she fuck me? There’s always been the slight antipathy between us where she’d either go ballistic or simply choose to comply if I grabbed her and demanded she let me fuck her.

There was a sweet few minutes where I just let my cock revel in the erotic stimulation of the water jet. I stayed hard a little longer than usual, it felt good a little more than usual, but finally I had to reach down and carefully pull up my trunks to cover my deflating erection. Nancy was climbing out of the pool.

She grabbed her towel and began drying off. I quickly moved around the edge of the spa until I was behind her as she bent over to dry her legs. Yeah! There were a few stray strands of pubic sticking out of the bottom of her swimsuit! She was a fucking furry beast! I almost started imagining her taint and her naked anus- her asshole --fringed with curly brown pubic hair! I climbed out of the spa, avoiding two little blobs of my cum floating toward the drain gutter. I pushed the spa pump button one more time to make sure the filters got all my sperm.

“Thanks for watching me,” she said as she stuffed her things into her bag.

“My pleasure,” I said; and I meant it.

We went back to our suite.

Oh yes, I occasionally masturbate to her when I’m alone, perverted as that is. I do that with a half-dozen others of our circle of friends instead of my porn muses. When the wife and I go over to have dinner or drinks with them, I usually sit so that I can occasionally glance over and cautiously look at the crotch of her jeans or her sweat pants and wonder what’s in there. (Nance is totally oblivious as to how she opens and closes her legs around her friends.) I stick my hand in my pocket and secretly rub my dick to her then. There’s probably a chance that I will make a complete ass of myself at some point and try to get her to fuck me.

Okay. you can ask any question about this. I don't keep secrets from close friends.  This one is true, I promise.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Power of Mom

Mom couldn’t be happier.

The smile on her face is not just sexual ecstasy. She is so much in love with her two daughters and how they please her. She knows she has taught them well, and raised them correctly. This scene was years in the making. Mom needed to show them patience and love as she guided them through their sexual awakening. She taught them so much! How breasts provide the perfect flesh for foreplay; how clits are the source of incredible erotic sensations, how the interior of her vagina is the foundation of orgasm, how a good stiff dildo makes these acts complete. And - of course - all about orgasm. Mom even got her own piercings along with the girls’, and makes sure the nasty-nice erotic stimulation from the “bling” is shared and enjoyed.

Both daughters love sucking her taut nipples, one lovingly presses the small vibrator against Mom’s stiff clitoris, now all red and flushed from stimulation. The youngest daughter slides that wonderfully stiff penis-shaped dildo in and out of Mom’s shaved, aroused pussy. Both girls obviously know what these things do to Mom, and what will happen to their own pussies when it is their turn. This kind of sexual team-work just couldn’t happen unless Mom had carefully trained her young lovers and made sure they felt her mother-love. As a sexually knowledgeable parent, she always knew neither scolding nor harsh discipline would ever get them to this couch, this way.

This is a family where the girls have no need to rebel, or to pout or be self-absorbed to the exclusion of Mom’s and each sister’s gratification and orgasmic satisfaction. They share; they know the magic of giving sexual fulfillment and of cumming together. They know they will get as much as they give. 

Such a complex expression on Mom’s face! Her eyes are closed in sensual enrichment; perhaps even erotic fantasy and reverie. Her smile is not just the result of her orgasm building but in satisfaction that both her daughters can take such good care of their mother's masturbation needs. It’s soooo sublime, such a feeling of completeness, both her titties so well-loved, her pussy perfectly played with! Her orgasm is just starting, as her reflexive grip on the couch reveals. Hold on, it’s coming … it’s cumming! What else is coming? The chance for Mom to return the favor to each of her loving daughters’ young vaginas, the lessons she can continue to teach them by caressing their breasts and sucking their nipples in return, the play all three of them will share all afternoon!

Dad isn’t needed here, that plastic penis will do just fine. Just Mom and the Girls. The trio masturbating at home on the couch in safe, wanton, secret lesbian incest. No, not lesbian, really ... just mother-daughter intimacy the way it should be. Warm, feminine scents; sweet sticky pussy juice; hot girly-flesh to kiss and suck.

But what if he came home? Mom’s expression doesn’t show a hint of worry about that, and the girls are so relaxed. Even if he did walk in early from work, they know he would be positively amazed at this scene, and be caught in immediate sexual arousal. The only question would be whether he could produce enough cum to go around ….

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh, It's just Mom masturbating again ....

When she got like this, everything in the household stopped. She was in her zone and her pussy’s need ruled the family.  There weren’t any rules for anyone, except that she had to cum. Over and over and over. For hours, sometimes for a whole weekend. Unless you were there to assist with her playing with herself, just leave her alone. When she came, her sounds filled the house. If you liked the sounds, or loved them, you could watch or listen in her bedroom. If her groans and sighs and her erotic cries when she orgasmed bothered you, go visit one of your friends, … stay overnight. Nothing else mattered. If you got hungry, order pizza.  If you needed money, go in her purse. Let her masturbate. Let her do herself until she was satisfied.

When Dad came home from work and discovered she was doing it, he would roll his eyes, laugh, and after a while go check on her in the bedroom. Sometimes she wanted him to fuck her, sometimes she just wanted a dick to suck while she rubbed her cunt or shoved a dildo in and out. Sometimes she just wanted him to go away.

I loved coming home from class and finding her like this. Her bedroom would be thick with the smell of her cunt. I already had a hard-on by the time I tossed my stuff in my room and hurried down the hall to her bedroom door. By now the after-school routine was familiar to us both. I didn’t ask or anything, I didn’t need her permission to unzip and pull my erection out. She would always nod in agreement and smile at me as I pulled my jeans off. Masturbating together was our little mother-son activity. She would stop playing with her clit just long enough to pull me closer as I got on the bed. Then she would kiss and lick my penis and suck it into her mouth a few times, just to make sure I was erect and ready.

After that I never knew what would come next. It was always a sexual adventure. Sometimes she would just lie back on her pillows and continue playing with herself, leaving me to sit on the edge of the bed and jack off while I watched her. Both of us would just slowly build toward her next climax. Often she would treat me the same way she treated Dad. She would be hungry to have a cock in her mouth while she masturbated so she made me fuck her mouth as she jilled. When I had to cum, most of the time I pulled out from between her lips and spurted my jizz on her titties or her stomach; although often she would keep me in her mouth and  suck my sperm down her throat. Sometimes my deepest wish would be granted. She would pull me on top of her and guide my penis into her hot, wet pussy. Most often she didn’t even open her eyes to look at me after I was inside her; she just continued whatever fantasy she was in, with her eyes closed as I stroked and thrust into her.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I love the captions on many Masturbation Muse photos, some are so clever, erotic, or sometimes humiliating for us pathetic masturbators (delicious). Once in a while a photo is so suggestive that it can lead me off into a hard-dicked fantasy where I stroke and imagine a more detailed version of what our current muse might be saying. In this case a simple caption isn't enough. As you can read below, this one caught me up in my favorite fantasy-memories of Mom and how good she was to me as I was growing into adulthood .... Enjoy. [Thanks once again to Richard Lovel for his unsurpassed collections of Masturbation Muses here.]

“I know. I like looking at it too. I think pussies are beautiful. (Don't you think my pussy is beautiful?) Sometimes, before you get home from school, I just can’t wait to get it naked. I stand in front of that mirror over there and pull my panties down and just look at it. I get so excited anticipating what my pussy is going to make you do when you get here that I’ll even finger myself. Yes, surprise, your momma masturbates her pussy! Just a little – to make it wet for you.  I'm so often in such a hurry for you to get home!

"Seeing my pussy always gets you so hard right away. That makes it good for us both, don't you think? I love getting it naked and showing it off to you! You’re such a good, appreciative son. I want you to love it as much as any boy can love his mother’s pussy. You do love it, don’t you? You sure seem to! Your mother’s pussy is the very best for you, you know. I want you to love it.

“Go ahead honey, touch your cock now. Go ahead. Pull your pants down and masturbate for me like I've taught you. Ohhh, look how hard you’re getting! That’s it; masturbate your penis for me, Sweetie. Doesn’t it excite you when Momma plays with her clit like this?  I could stand over you and do this forever! It feels sooo good, doesn’t it?

“Keep masturbating, baby. Stroke that cock some more. You know that Momma owns your beautiful cock! You are so good when you stroke your cock so hard for me … and then cum. You know how much your momma wants you to cum for her, don’t you?

“Yes I do. I love to see you cum because of me. I love that you just have to masturbate when you get to see my pussy. You make me very proud. You do exactly what I want, don't you? You are your momma’s good little masturbator aren’t you? Well ... not so little … really. Hee hee.

“Ooooo, look at that oozing precum! This pussy makes you so aroused, doesn’t it? Lookit that silver juice coming out! Sooo pretty! Keep pumping honey … jack off your dick like I've told you to! (You are such a good son to do what you mother says.)

“Mmmm. Momma’s getting wet too, look how my finger slides through my juices. See how much Momma loves you when you are so good to her? Be my good son and cum for your momma. I want you to cum. Momma needs to see you cum. That’s right, baby, … keep masturbating! Masturbate! Masturbate!! Masturbate for Momma!

“No, don't worry; you don’t have to make it last this time. Momma doesn’t want to torture you and make you wait every time you do what I ask. Not this afternoon. I don’t feel like making you wait today. I want you to cum for me. I want to see your cum! Masturbate harder! Don't make me wait!

"As a special treat, Baby, as soon as you cum, Momma will let you kiss it.

“Kiss what? Why, kiss my pussy, silly. Kiss it right here where my finger is. Well, ... start by kissing it there, anyway. You know what your mother likes, Momma taught you how to be my good son and kiss my ... cunt. Kiss it and lick it.  Just as soon as you cum, you can kiss it. Kiss my bare cunt. As soon as you cum, you can kiss this wet cunt of mine again and again. You want to kiss Momma's pussy don't you? I shave it just for you, my son, to make it all smooth and naked for your mouth. I do that for you. Just for you. You love my shaved pussy, don’t you? I want you to kiss it as soon as you can.

“C’mon, honey, don’t make me wait! Cum! Cum for your mother! Hurry and cum! Masturbate harder!

“Momma loves it when you're masturbating like this. I love standing in front of you, over you, showing you my very wet pussy. Try to shoot your cum up onto it. Try to do it! Just like I taught you!

“Are you ready? Are you there? Are you gonna cum? ARE YOU GONNA CUM? Oh honey … honey … cum for me! I want you to cum for me right now! Cum for me now! Yessss!

“Oh my god, yes, Cum! CUM!  You're cumming! Shoot it up! Shoot it! Squirt it on my pussy! Here, let me move my pussy closer to your penis! Oh my god you’re cumming!!! You’re cumming!!! Keep cumming darling! Cum! Cum as much as you can! Doesn’t it feel so good to cum for Momma? So good! So good, so good!

“You’re such a good masturbator boy! Look at all your cum. You came so good for Momma! I love it so much! Don’t worry about you only cumming on my panties, next time you’ll shoot it onto my snatch, I promise. We get better every time, don’t we? This is so beautiful. You are so good to your Momma! You make your mother want to orgasm, Sweetie! To orgasm!

“Now … lift your head. Yes, just like I showed you.  That’s right. Kiss me. Kiss my pussy! Kissit! Kiss it, kiss it! Kiss your mother’s wet pussy! Kiss it all over. Okay, you can grab my titties too.

“You were such a bad boy, you know, making me wait for so long after school! You knew I needed an orgasm, you brat! You're supposed to hurry home! Now kiss my pussy and make me cum. Give me an orgasm with your mouth. An orgasm!Yes, like that!  Oh my god, make me cum, Sweetie. Make me cum, makemecum. Make your mother CUM!

Thursday, August 7, 2014



Several of you made it known to me that you enjoyed my father/daughter incest stories and wanted me to expand on my “Masturbating for Candy” story— graciously, some of you even suggested ideas. I started off trying to write them, but this novella appeared instead. This is just a rough draft, and I know it needs to be edited and rewritten and all that. I just thought you might want to read it anyway as it progressed. There will be more of it, I promise. I hope you enjoy it. ~Earl

Watching Daddy