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Thursday, August 7, 2014



Several of you made it known to me that you enjoyed my father/daughter incest stories and wanted me to expand on my “Masturbating for Candy” story— graciously, some of you even suggested ideas. I started off trying to write them, but this novella appeared instead. This is just a rough draft, and I know it needs to be edited and rewritten and all that. I just thought you might want to read it anyway as it progressed. There will be more of it, I promise. I hope you enjoy it. ~Earl

Watching Daddy


Like a lot of young girls, my daddy was my first sexual fixation. The first time I can remember seeing his penis I was about 4 or 5. He was in the bathroom peeing and the door was open I remember standing in the hallway and looking at it as he put in back in his undershorts and zipped up. I was fascinated by what I had glimpsed. I managed to sneak more looks at his cock as a kid until I knew more what it was and what it looked like -- it was a long fleshy tube coming out of his crotch. Even then it kind of made me feel funny in between my legs when I saw it.

One evening I was drawn to my parents’ bedroom when I heard my mom moaning and making other noises. I looked through a crack in the bedroom door just in time to see daddy roll off of mom. He had been lying on top of her. I saw his penis sort of flip out from between her legs. It was dripping something gross, I thought; but I was so amazed seeing how long and fat it was and how it stuck up from his crotch and he lay back beside mom. I began to listen for such sounds when they were in bed, and pretty often I could sneak to the crack in the door and watch them as daddy stuck his “thing” into mommy and moved it in and out. It made me feel funny down between my legs like before. I sound found out from other kids that what they were doing was called “fucking”. I liked watching it!

By the time I was 11 or 12 I knew all about dicks and vaginas and what my daddy and mommy were doing. Mom even explained some of the basics because she said I would soon be having periods. I didn’t ever tell her I had been watching them “fuck”. Also about this time the teachers at school began telling us some of the same things in “sex ed”. And all my friends were already telling me more about it, especially about masturbating.

Soon I was able to masturbate my own little vagina and I began to understand why mommy and daddy were “fucking”. It felt good, I knew from experience! I began to imagine daddy putting his penis down there in me instead of into mommy. I wanted him to do that so much! I started finding any excuse I could to see my daddy’s “dick” and I was rewarded with several glances at it when he took a shower or when he was peeing or changing clothes. I would even draw pictures of it in my Junior High School notebooks. I began to cast daddy as the hero in all my romantic fantasies. And when I masturbated, I thought about daddy.

One day I came home from my girlfriend’s house and thought nobody was at home. I remembered then that mom had left that morning to visit my aunt and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. As I passed my parents room, I heard my dad sort of sighing and groaning from the bed where he was laying. I peeked around the open door and saw the most amazing thing I had ever seen! Daddy was naked on the bed with his legs spread wide. His hands were on his penis! One hand was massaging what I knew were his “balls”  His other hand was rubbing up and down his penis itself. I stood rooted to the spot and tried to be very quiet so he wouldn’t know I was watching. Daddy was sticking his penis up into his fist and bucking and heaving on the bed as his fist pumped up and down the thick reddening shaft of it. He groaned and kept doing it over and over, only stopping now and then to pinch at his chest where his nipples were. I thought he stuck a finger \down into his butt as well! I realized all of a sudden that daddy was playing with himself! He was masturbating!!! My heart started pounding and my breath got all shallow as I witnessed what he was doing to himself.

It was amazing to me! And it was oh so arousing and so interesting to see. I felt my little vagina start aching as I watched him. He kept pumping and pumping at his “cock” with one fist, then two hands. He lifted his butt off the bed and arched up his body as he played with his “dick”. Then he would drop his butt back on the bed and stop everything for a moment and just breathe hard for a while. I tried to be silent, and I guess he was too interested in masturbating to notice my head looking around the corner of the doorway. Boy, was I lucky! He did this over and over, getting a little louder with his groans each time he played with his penis for a minute or two. I loved the rhythmical way he would masturbate and groan, then stop, the start masturbating again. It was making me crazy, but I loved watching him!

Then all of a sudden things happened so fast!

“Aw shit,” he cried out. It sort of startled me! “Awww shitttt!” I didn’t know why he was saying that, he sounded mad! “Awww shit! I’m gonna cum!”

I had no idea what he was talking about but I was so fascinated as he started saying it again and again. What was he talking about???

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cummm!

Finally, as his hands fondled and stroked his penis he moaned very loudly and went all stiff on the bed, except his hand kept rubbing his “dick”. “I’m CUMMINGGGG!”

Daddy’s legs spread wide and sort of trembled and his toes sort of curled up. And then the most wonderful thing happened!  Something shot out of the tip of his penis and flew up into the air! It was some very white liquid. As quick as it shot out another spurt of the stuff shot out again and then another one! I watched in amazement as four or five squirts of the white stuff spurted out of his penis! It landed on his belly and between his legs and on his hairy thighs! At the same time daddy was crying out, “I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!

And then he loudly cried, “Awwww shittttttt!” again!  His penis kept spurting out smaller little squirts of the white liquid and it ran down his penis and between his fingers. In a few seconds he started stroking himself again and the wet stuff make a kind of watery sound as he rubbed it along his “cock”.

After a minute or so daddy stopped “playing” with is penis, reached over on the nightstand and pulled some tissue out of mom’s box of them. He wiped the white stuff up off of himself and tossed them in the wastebasket.  Then he lay back and slowly rubbed his penis some more.

When he wasn’t looking I quickly crossed past the doorway and ran into my room. I was half crazy with feelings I had never had before. There was such a hot aching in my vulva and it felt wet down there. The only thing I could think about was pulling my pants down and touching myself! Quickly I hopped on my bed and tugged my panties down to my thighs and began rubbing my … pussy. Yes. It was called a pussy! And mine was wet and on fire! I fingered it and rubbed my palm over it to get some relief. I wanted daddy to stick his cock into it! I needed something in there! Something hard! 

I jumped up and stumbled across the room with my pants and my panties down to my knees. I grabbed my hairbrush off my dresser. (I had masturbated with it before). Then I flopped back on the bed and spread my legs as wide as my clothes would let me. I desperately inserted the hairbrush’s handle into my vagina, … my pussy! My breath was coming in little gasps and chugs and my head was moving from side to side until I felt the hard handle go into me. Oh god, finally! I immediately felt some relief! The pleasure of the hairbrush handle’s penetration was so good and I rocked and bounced on the bed as I jabbed it in and out of me.

I had made myself have a few orgasms before that afternoon, but nothing like what happened then. I had to turn and bury my face against the pillow and muffle my mouth as I squealed in ecstasy! My whole crotch seemed to explode! There was a wave of pleasure building and then radiating out of the center of my pussy like I had never ever felt. I knew it was a big orgasm, and no sooner was it done than another one started. I wiggled the handle inside me and moved it in and out until I was “fucking” myself hard with my hairbrush and making myself orgasm again! It was wonderful!

After a while I relaxed, curled into a ball with the handle in me (the bristles of the brush felt strangely good as they poked into the skin of my thighs) and I just lay there, imagining daddy’s penis in me and that white stuff squirting into my vagina. 


Now I have never be slow to understand things and between looking up stuff in books, asking my girlfriends, and looking at Freda van Hough’s daddy’s porn magazines it didn’t take me long to figure out everything.  My daddy had been masturbating, but it was usually called “jacking off”. Men did it when they couldn’t “fuck”. I had no idea until then that just one night being away from mom would make him do that. Men do it a lot. I had watched my daddy “cum”. He had had an orgasm. It was confusing for Freda and me because the white stuff that squirted out of his penis was also “cum”. And I had made myself “cum” with the hairbrush!

As a matter of fact, for the next week I made myself “cum” every night -- more than once a night, too! I was getting sore from all the “cumming” but I didn’t ever want to stop! In my mind I just replayed the scene of my daddy squirting what they called semen (or sperm) out of his cock and all the things he did to himself and it made me ready to stick the hairbrush in me and do it some more. Lots more! I learned that some of my girlfriends had already been masturbating every night for months. They told Freda and me all the tricks of it and soon we were masturbating all the time too. Someone told Freda that you could use other things to stick into your pussy, like cucumbers and other veggies as well as kitchen utensils and almost anything long and hard. I stole my mom’s wooden potato masher and used it for weeks. It had a thicker handle and was very easy to move in and out, particularly if you used some lotion on it. Then an older girl explained to Freda and me about our clits and how amazing that pleasure was. Freda discovered hers first and then showed me where to find mine. After that we both made ourselves cum all the time. We did it in school in our classes, we did it in the bathrooms, and at night we did it over and over again. We called ourselves the O-Sisters, short for orgasm.  We’d lie in our beds at night and talk to each other over the phone as we masturbated our clits and stuck something in our pussies.

I began to pay lots more attention to my daddy and everything he did, hoping to catch him jacking off some more. At first I was disappointed, but then I noticed he would sometimes go out to the garage and spend a long time there. I found a place to look through the back window and sure enough daddy would sometimes be standing by the tool bench and there would be a bulge in his pants and he would rub it There was a little half bathroom in the corner of the garage and he would go in there soon after he started rubbing it. I knew he was jacking off in there but I was so disappointed that I couldn’t watch! Once he was in a hurry and unzipped and took his dick out as he walked toward the bathroom. I got to see it was all hard and red on the tip of it, but I couldn’t see him masturbate!  I did, however, manage sometimes to creep up to the bathroom door and hear his sighs and groans as he jacked off. This was so arousing to me that I’d go to my room and masturbate too.

Soon I got good enough to predict when daddy would masturbate. He seemed to fuck mom about once or twice a week at that time. In between he usually would jack off two or three times during the weekdays, usually in the garage, but sometimes in places I hadn’t figured out yet or couldn’t get close to. I think he would go off on errands sometimes and jack off in places away from the house or maybe in the car.

But my best chance of seeing him masturbate was on the weekends. I knew that when mom left for an afternoon or maybe an overnight visit daddy would always spend at least one day of the weekend treating himself to a long jack-off session in their bedroom. He would always send me off to Freda’s or give us money for movies or something to get rid of me. He had hooked a DVD machine to the bedroom television so they could watch movies together in bed. I knew he had special porn discs he liked and he would play them and masturbate while he lay on the bed. When my parents were gone I would get them out of his hiding place and watch them and masturbate too. I thought that he and I were a lot alike, we both masturbated a lot.

I could usually sneak close enough to the bedroom door when he was jacking off that I could usually manage to watch him. Two or three times a month I would get a chance to see him cum! Even Freda never got to see her dad cum, although he masturbated in the basement workshop nearly as much as daddy jacked off. She was so envious of me that she finally figured out a way for both of us to watch daddy jack off and not get caught!

Freda borrowed a wireless baby cam from her older sister. It looked like a teddy bear and the camera didn’t show. We set it up on a bookshelf in my parents’ room and then recorded it on the computer. Freda could barely hold still the first time she saw daddy laying naked on the bed and rubbing his penis. She got as hot as I did the first time and immediately began to masturbate when she saw him cum. Later we lay on my bed and watched it over and over while we played with our pussies. I went downstairs and got two cucumbers and we fucked ourselves with them as we watched daddy masturbate.


Mom went off on a business trip for three days. The first night daddy was okay, but the next day I knew he wanted to not waste the opportunity to have a long jack-off session while she was gone. He looked really happy when I told him I was going to spend the night with my girlfriend. 

When I unexpectedly came back to the house that evening daddy was just going upstairs to start his jack-off session, I could tell. He looked so disappointed to see me back home, but he tried to hide it. I felt really sorry for him. (Not really).

We sat in the living room and watched TV for awhile, and daddy was kind of nervous and distracted. He must have wanted to masturbate awfully badly. He had probably been looking forward to it all week.

I made a suggestion to watch a DVD, and he said “Sure.”

This was my big moment. I put a DVD in the player and turned it on, only it turned out to be one of his porn movies. I acted like it was a mistake (it wasn’t of course.) and I just stood there I front of the TV watching a blond woman playing with her pussy and a vibrator.

“Oh wow,” I said. “I never have masturbated with a vibrator!  I bet that’s fun! Can we watch?”

“What?” he cried, “NO! Take that out!’

“Oh common daddy, lets watch!” I said. “I should learn these things…,”

“Stop it Candy!” he said real loud “We can’t watch this. I think you better go to your room young lady.”

“No daddy,” I said very firmly. “I want to watch her jack off! Don’t you want to?”

I sat down next to him on the couch. I could tell he was really angry, but at the same time he kept looking at the screen. He started to get up and turn it off, but I grabbed his hand.

“Let’s watch it.” I said. “Pleaeease???”

He started to give me a big lecture but I just smiled up at him. I interrupted him with my best shot. “I like to masturbate! Let’s watch her … just for a few minutes. Pleeeease? Watch it with me!”

He seemed to be very undecided so I pulled him back down on the couch and held his arm while I kept talking about masturbating. I don’t know what I said, but in a few seconds it seemed like we were just having a normal conversation and we both were looking at the lady play with her pussy. I was glad it was so easy to get him to watch.

Daddy had an erection going in no time, but he tried to hide it. I just sat next to him and commented on everything I could think of about masturbating. I guess he finally decided that I needed to get it out of my system so he just sat back and let me talk.

When it was obvious that he had a big erection I just looked over at him and said “Don’t you want to jack off? I know you were planning to tonight. You always do when mom goes away.”

He kind of just looked at me in shock.

“C’mon daddy,” I urged. Then I put my lips to his ear and said, “Masturbate for me.”

“I … I can’t do that,” he said.

“I’ve watched you before, daddy,” I said. “Please, … masturbate for me. I know you want to. Don’t be all phony and everything. It’s just me. Masturbate for me! I would like for you to and I know you want to!”

Some sort of change came over my Daddy all of a sudden. I don’t think it was just my coaxing him; it was something I guess he really had wanted to do for me anyway!

Daddy wanted to do it too, I guess. He just put his finger on his zipper and started pulling it down.

“You’re going to do it!” I said, as if I was surprised. “Yes Daddy! Masturbate! Masturbate for me!!”

Daddy just grinned a sad little grin and winked at me.

I watched as he reached into his pants and pulled his big cock out. Oh my god it was so beautiful! It was very long and thick and really hard as it sprang up out of his pants.

“Oh my god,” I whispered.

I watched as he curled his fingers around it and started to stroke up and down his penis.

“Is this what you want to see?” he asked as we both looked down at his penis.

“Uh huh.”

“This is wrong, honey …” he started. “I shouldn’t do this. I really ought not to do this!”

“Oh I want you to so much, daddy,” I cried. “I need to see you. I need to watch you jack off!  It’s so important to me! So special!”

He just leaned back on the couch and looked down again at his cock and began stroking it.

“Oh, yes, daddy” I said, “Oh yesss!”

Daddy just stroked his cock and fucked his fist as I sat next to him and watched every movement.

I leaned my head on his shoulder and looked down with him at his erect penis as he masturbated. “Show me everything.”

“Pull your pants off? I know that’s how you like to do it.” I suggested. “I want to see. I need to see!”

He just nodded in agreement.

With me helping him he undid his belt and his pants and in a few seconds they were down on the floor. He held his balls and stroked his cock. His naked ass rocked on the couch cushions. I knew he wasn’t going to stop, then. He was masturbating for his daughter!

Somehow my hand had found its way down into the front of my pants. I was rubbing my pussy inside them. Daddy looked over and noticed. He had the same sad little smile as he watched me spread my legs a little while my fingers wiggled inside my panties.

“You’re masturbating too.” He said. It was like he just accepted it all - right then and there.

“Uh huh, daddy,” I sighed, “I’m masturbating too …”

We both sat there on the couch staring at each other’s crotches. Daddy jacked himself tenderly as he watched my hand moved inside my pants.

“Okay,” he said, with a bit more firmness, “since we’re going to do this, you need to take your pants off too!”

My heart skipped a beat, because now I knew my Daddy wanted to see my pussy as much as I wanted to see his “cock”!

In a few seconds my pants were off and I was naked from the waist down just like daddy.

It was daddy’s turn to say “Oh my god!”

He stared at my pussy and my fingers playing on my clit. I had grown just a bit of some pubic hair by then and I was sure my pussy must be pretty.

“Do you think my pussy is …”

“Your pussy is beautiful!” he said. “So fucking beautiful! … Keep masturbating! Jesus, this is so wrong, but I can help myself and neither can you. We need to do this!

”You can’t tell anybody!” he said. “Do you hear?”

I just nodded and put my dumb girl look on and watched him.

Daddy stroked his cock and watched me finger my pussy. He kept fucking his dick up into his hand. Every few minutes he would stop and relax, as I had learned was his way of not cumming right away. I guessed that made it better to last longer. I just bounced up and down on the cushion and spread my legs wide so he could watch me finger my vagina.

I was in heaven! My plan had worked and my daddy was masturbating with me! It was okay! He wanted me to do it with him! It was wonderful! We masturbated together for several minutes, neither of us needing to say a word.

All of a sudden daddy groaned and started rubbing his penis faster.

“Are you gonna cum?” I cried

“Yes, honey … I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!”

“Yes … cum, Daddy, … CUM!

Daddy lifted his ass up off the cushion and fucked up into his hand. He remained stiff in that position for several seconds and his hand jiggered short little strokes on his cock.

“Jesus!” he groaned, and a long string of his white semen spurted up and splattered on his shirt.

“You’re cumming!” I yelled, “You’re cumming … for me!”

“Yes, baby … for you!” daddy groaned.

I swear I heard faint little squirting noises as spurt after spurt of his cum spat out of his purple cock head.

I was as close as I have ever been to his naked cock. I watched with total fascination, trying to drink in every sight of his dick as he orgasmed. I even forgot to massage my pussy as I watched him cum.

After a few moments daddy let his naked ass sink back down into the couch cushion. The last of his cum was dribbling and pulsing out of his penis. He seemed to slump and relax and just watch me play with my pussy.

After a few minutes his cock quit oozing cum and seemed to deflate he turned a bit sideways on the couch and looked at my face, staring into my eyes.

“Is that what you wanted?”

I just nodded.

“Did you cum?” he asked.

“No, not yet,” I was panting slightly. “But I want to.”

Daddy smiled a peculiar smile. He looked down at my pussy and spoke …

“I will make you cum, little girl …”

In one quick movement my daddy rolled off the couch and knelt between my legs, he batted my hands away from my pussy, grabbed each of my thighs in his hands and pulled my naked crotch to his face. I had absolutely no idea what was happening or why he did that until he buried his face in my pussy and his lips began kissing it. I started squealing and then I was crying out in ecstasy as my daddy sucked on both my pussy lips and his tongue found my clitoris. I could hear myself screaming something but all I remember was the sense of overwhelming pleasure flooding my body as Daddy sucked on my pussy. I pushed my crotch hard against his face and felt myself getting light headed. Somewhere I was vaguely aware of a girl’s voice loudly yelling “Daddeeeeee!  and “Yessssssss!!”


I had never cummed that hard or that much in my young life nor did I have any idea what a man’s mouth on me felt like.

After daddy had totally ravished my pussy, he finally stood up, tugged my t-shirt over my head and sat down next to me onto the couch. After shedding his shirt, he put his arms around me and unclasped my bra. He seemed to gasp and hold his breath for a moment as he looked at my small but blossoming titties. Then he held them in his two hands and began kissing my nipples so lovingly.  I kept forgetting to breathe. I noticed that Daddy was hard again, and his penis was sticking straight up.

I was so happy that Daddy seemed so willing to do this with his own daughter!

Now I had never paid too much attention to my tits as erogenous flesh, but what Daddy was doing was driving me crazy with desire. It felt so goddamn good! The feeling in my titties was merging with the glow from my vagina and I was just totally turned on. Yes, I knew I was very lucky. For a skinny girl barely in junior high school, I was being treated to sexual pleasures none of my girlfriends would have for years! I put my hands on daddy’s cheeks and caressed them as his mouth and his hands made the pleasure in my breasts incredible!

I guess I must have been bouncing and bucking my ass around and my legs were kind of opening and closing involuntarily. My pussy was just so aroused! Daddy seemed to know this and dropped one of his hands down off my breast and pressed his palm against the swollen flesh of my vulva. I sighed in response, feeling him rub and pet it, soothing its aching desire a little. It was fine! Then Daddy did something I will never forget. He made the “fuck you” sign with his middle finger and stuck the tip of it into the slit between my pussy lips. I sighed and opened my legs wider. Daddy pushed his finger oh so slowly into me, letting it slowly slide into my vagina. The pleasure was like nothing I had ever experienced! His finger was so wonderful in there! I groaned and Daddy sucked at my titties harder and began moving his finger in and out of my pussy. He was fucking my puss with his finger! It was amazing! I had thought the handle on the potato masher was a good feeling, but this live finger inside of me was a hundred times better!

“Oh, Daddy yes!” I groaned, “Oh yes!”

I began bucking my crotch up and back in rhythm to his strokes in and out of my pussy. It was incredible, but even after his terrific sucking on my pussy a few minutes before; I could feel another orgasm building in my belly.

Daddy jiggled and wiggled his finger in me as he sucked my titties and I went wild! My pussy was so alive and so aroused! He kept going in and out and in and out. Each stroke drove me closer to an orgasm. Then he did something that drove me right up to the edge, for now instead of just one finger, Daddy slid in two – filling my pussy up as nothing ever had before. It was as if I was “full” for the first time in my life! I squealed and rocked against his hand and once more started to cum. I couldn’t believe how wonderful his fingers were.

My legs were spread so wide, and I was totally naked on the couch with my Daddy sexing my titties and my vagina like nothing I could ever have imagined. I tried to croak out the words that I was cumming again, but I just managed a groan and then I was sighing and squealing and another orgasm flooded though my crotch. Daddy pulled back and looked at my face. He had such a smile of an expression as he made me cum. I rocked and fucked against his hand and then nearly died as he sucked the whole of one titty into his mouth and gently chewed it to complete my orgasm.

For several minutes we just sat like that on the couch as I came and came from Daddy’s finger going in and out of me. Finally I relaxed a little and Daddy slowly pulled his fingers all the way out of my pussy. I hated the loss but I was satiated for the moment.


I looked at Daddy and said, “That was so awesome, Daddy, I love it!

“I love what you do to my titties and my pussy and … now … you have to always do that to me, okay? You have to do it a lot! All the time!”

Daddy was kind of guilty looking, but still he grinned at the way I was so excited and kept babbling about his finger and his mouth and all that he had taught me in the space of an hour on our couch.

I looked down and saw his penis was still very hard and leaking some clear drops out of the tiny slit in the top of it.

“Are you cumming again?” I asked. “You are all hard again!”

“No, Sweetie,” he said, “That’s called pre-cum. It’s something men make with their penis to help lubricate sex.”

I looked down at it and started to reach out to touch it, but then pulled back. I had never touched his penis and didn’t know if I was allowed to.

It was as if he read my mind, because he looked deep into my eyes and then gently lifted my hand out of my lap and drew it over to his dick.  He pressed my hand down onto his penis. I gasped and curled my fingers around it. It was so amazing in my hand.

“Grab it, honey. Touch it and hold it. Do what you want to do.”

"D … do you want me to jack you off?”

“Yes, darling.” He said, “God help me, but I want you to! Jack me off!”

I was overwhelmed by the experience of holding his cock. It was so warm! The skin was so soft and fragile, while underneath it was so hard and stiff. The tip of it was like soft velvet. And it was so alive! It was jerking and throbbing in my palm, it seemed to swell and get bigger as I squeezed it.

“Careful,” Daddy sighed, “not too hard.”

He put his hand over mine and showed me how to hold it and stroke it. Then he took my other hand and placed it on his balls.

“Be gentle, little girl,” he said.

I stroked his penis and gently rolled his ballsack around with my other hand. Daddy groaned a little and leaned back on the couch. He started moving his dick back and forth through my fingers, every now and then putting his hand over mine and showing me how to jack him off.

“That’s just right,” he said. “Masturbate me!”

“Ohh Daddy!”

“That’s good, honey. Mmmm, that’s very good!”

I felt so great that my plan had worked. I was jacking off my Daddy! His penis felt so wonderful in my hands. So strange and different than I had imagine, and yet so natural and perfect.

“Do you like it Daddy? Am I jacking you off right?”

“Yes, baby, oh yes. Don’t stop!”

Daddy put an arm around me and reached for my tit. He began squeezing it and making me feel so good as I masturbated him. I could barely believe that we were on the couch naked together and doing these wonderful, secret things!

I kept stroking daddy’s cock and letting him slide it up and down through my fist. He was doing it a little harder and faster each time. I watched every movement, daring not to take my eyes off his wonderful penis!

The clear stuff was now dripping out of the slit in the tip of it a lot. I ran my finger over it, and felt its stickiness and its slickness too. Daddy groaned as I scrubbed my thumb over the head of his dick back and forth.

“Stroke me darling,” he croaked. “Please don’t stop.”

“I’m masturbating you, Daddy! I’m jacking you off!”

“Yes, honey, oh yes! You’re doing it so good! Keep going!”

Daddy was bucking his hips back and forth now and “fucking” my hand. He kept showing me how to grip his hard cock and how to stroke it as he moved it between my fingers. I felt I was learning everything. I kept masturbating him for a long long time

“So good, baby. Soo good! He sighed several times.

Then Daddy started fucking my hand harder, holding my wrist in his hand as I jacked his long hard cock.

“Yes baby  ... don’t stop. Oh don’t stop now.”

“Uh huh.”

Daddy’s ass lifted up off the cushions and he groaned and went rigid. His one hand squeezed my little titty very hard as his other folded over my hand and he showed me how to move it up and down in little strokes right under the tip of it.

“Gahhhh!” he cried out.

Suddenly I felt his dick swell and jerk in my hand and then spasm. A long rope of his white sperm shot out and landed across my forearm. He was cumming!

More spurts of his cum shot out, squirting up and then falling onto our flesh; sometime on his chest, sometimes on my arm.

“You’re cumming! Daddy you’re cumming!”

“Uh huh,” he grunted, “uh huh, uh huh, uhhhhh!”

Finally he grabbed my jacking hand and squeezed it tight around his spewing penis and made med do jiggering strokes on its tip as the cum kept squirting out!  The cum started flowing out of the slit in his cock and dripping down onto my fingers. I had never felt cum before! It was hot, and so wet and thick! It clung to my fingers where it ran through my fist. I love the oily, silky smoothness of it and the way it seemed to be alive as it dripped down into Daddy’s crotch and ran down my arm where he had squirted it.

Daddy’s breathing had been hard and shallow as I jacked him off but now after he had had his orgasm he sort of began to relax and breathe more deeply. He let go of my tit and pulled his arm away.

He slumped back against the corner of the couch and looked at me guiltily.

“We have to stop.” He said. “We can’t do this any more.”

I almost started crying, but he shushed me with a kiss on my forehead.

“It’s okay, Candy. What we did was wonderful, but it’s called incest and it’s wrong for us to do it.  I love you and I know you were only doing what you thought was okay. I’m not mad at you or anything, it’s just that fathers can’t do this to their daughters, it’s not allowed.”

“But, you liked it! It is so good to do! Why can’t we do it more? I know you want to!”

“Yes, I had thought about  ... dreamed about  ... your little pussy and your sweet little breasts for months now. I even imagined doing this to you …with you – which is why I suppose I allowed it to get this far. I think most fathers want to do these things to their daughters, but we know it is wrong also. I just was weak enough to let this happen.”

“But I want it to happen all the time! You masturbate all the time, why can’t we do this instead?”

“There’s a lot you don’t understand, little girl, and all the trouble incest leads to is a big problem. We have to stop. Now we can talk about this more tomorrow when we’re not so excited and when we’re not naked together.”

Daddy looked at the clock and I realized it was after ten. We’d been doing these things for over two hours. It had seemed like only minutes. Yet I had learned more about sex than I ever imagined in that short space of time.

“Right now I think you better take a shower and go to bed. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” Daddy gently shoved me off the couch and handed me my clothes off the floor. He stood up and hugged me, and kissed me on the forehead again his penis pressed against my stomach but it was soft and smaller.

“Go on now,” he said. “Make sure to wash all that cum and pussy juice off of you.”

He grinned and popped my butt with his hand and shoved me gently toward the stairs.

I dragged my jeans behind me and trudged up to my room.


It was after midnight the same night. I got up out of my bed and trotted down the hallway to my parents’ room, wearing my ratty t-shirt and an old pair of panties. It was pretty dark but I looked down at the bed and saw my dad was just as awake as I was.


“I can’t quit thinking about what we did, Daddy. I can’t sleep.”

“I can’t stop thinking about it either. Honey.”

Daddy sighed and pulled the covers back. “Come on, get in.”

He said it just like he did when I was a little kid and had nightmares and showed up in their bedroom. I slid in next to him and snuggled up against him, putting my head on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around me.

“Eww. Your hair is still damp.”

“I know. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s kind of sexy.”

“Daddy I ….”

“Shh, shh, let me say something to you. Honey.

“I sort of cheated you tonight. First, I let you manipulate me into masturbating for you, even though I knew what you were doing. That was very wrong. You have to know that some men, however, get very turned on by having someone watch them do it. It makes them so crazy they make mistakes like I did. And then your pussy … you’re supposed to let your first real boyfriend have the pleasure of “eating your pussy” for the first time. Or they call it “eating you out” or “eating out your pussy.” I stole that experience from you. You should explore that for the first time with someone your own age, not your father. I have no excuse except I knew that no one had ever sucked on your pussy and it was so beautiful that I just couldn’t help myself. It is just too tempting to be the first man ever to put his mouth on you like that. I just had to do it.”

“I loved it Daddy, and I loved what you did with your fingers.”

“It’s called “finger fucking” sweetie. And I could tell you loved it.” he chuckled. “That’s another thing I cheated your future boyfriend out of doing to you for the first time. It’s just that you orgasm so beautifully. I didn’t expect a fourteen-year-old to have such grown-up sexual responses. I wanted to make you cum again right then, I wanted to so badly. You’re amazing!”

“I am?”

“Very much so.”

Daddy pulled me a bit closer to him and squeezed my shoulder. “And then … your titties. Fathers I guess all get attracted to their daughter’s breasts as they grow. When I saw yours naked, I just had to suck them and fondle them. They are so wonderful.

“You’re just too tempting, little girl.”

“You’re tempting to me, too, Daddy. Is all of that … incest?”

“Well, it depends. Society says it is. The law says some of it is illegal. I could go to jail for eating out your pussy if anyone found out. Or for letting you jack me off. ..  ... or finger fucking you. Now of course you wanted it, but the law says it’s wrong and you aren’t able to make decisions about it. They think it is just the same as if I forced you and that would be a terrible crime.”

“If it’s not illegal, you could suck my titties?”

“Hah ha, no. It’s still immoral, so is letting you watch me masturbate. Don’t try to get around it.”

“But I want it so much, and I know you do too! You are always masturbating! I know you need to. Why can’t I watch?”

“I knew you were watching me. I should have stopped letting you see me cum.”

I was kind of shocked that Daddy knew about that.

“By the way, how did you lose your hymen? You lost your virginity?”

“Potato masher.” I said. “I popped myself one night in bed. It hurt and I was scared I broke something, but it was okay in a day or so. Freda’s sister told me not to worry. She just laughed.”

“See? You cheated yourself out of losing your virginity to your boyfriend.”

“You mean by fucking?”

“Yes, by fucking,” Dad said quietly.

I all of a sudden noticed that Daddy’s had slipped off my shoulder and he was casually fondling my tit through my t-shirt. I don’t think he actually noticed he was doing it, but my little nipple was so hard now.

“I want to fuck, Daddy. I want you to fuck me.”

“I know darling. I know you want me to fuck you. Believe me when I tell you that I want to fuck you too. I want it more than anything in this world. And that’s the big danger of the kind of incest we did. It leads to fucking when neither of us has the self control to stop. And that – fucking - is real incest! That other stuff may just be sexual playing, -- at least I told myself that’s all it is.  But if I fucked you it could make you pregnant. And that is really a bad thing. You’re too young, the child could be … well, it’s very very wrong.”

As soon as I had become aware of my Daddy’s hand playing with my tit, I started sliding my hand down until it rested on his thigh as he was talking – lecturing me. He was wearing only his jockey shorts. I let my hand sneak over onto his crotch. His penis was just a soft lump there. I let my palm rest against it, not moving my hand at all. It was so warm and soft through the fabric of his underwear.

“I think it would be alright to do the sexual playing stuff, though, Daddy. Nobody will ever know. Not even Mom.”

“No honey, we’ll just have to masturbate ourselves. I may let you watch me cum once in awhile, but nothing more.”

Daddy started talking about sex and more stuff but I quit listening for a bit. Now that he had relented enough to think about letting me watch him cum in the future, I was pretty sure I could get him to eat me again and finger fuck me! I put a gentle pressure on his dick and let my hand stay there. I don’t think he really noticed at first, I was amazed to feel the lump of his soft dick begin to bulge and grow under my hand.

Pretty soon Daddy just quit talking and lay there quietly, squeezing my tit and letting himself get hard. I still couldn’t tell if he noticed or not. I rolled over in the bed until I could slide my skinny leg over his and lay it over his thighs below his crotch. We lay there without saying a word. My warm pussy was pressed against the side of his leg, and it was starting to feel really good. Daddy’s penis was getting stiff inside his undershorts. I could curl my fingers around most of it and I slowly let my hand grip it gently.

“You little vixen,” he whispered.

Daddy’s hand slid down to the hem of my t-shirt and he pulled the shirt up until it was bunched up under my tits. I didn’t have my bra on so his hand slid under the shirt material and found my naked tit. His fingers cupped my breast and then found my little nipple. He rolled it between his thumb and finger, sending sex-sparks down into my body. I responded by fitting my fingers around his penis almost all the way except for the material of his jockeys, I squeezed it and he pushed it against my hand.

I think we both decided that if we just didn’t say a word we could sex each other up for awhile and not admit what was happening. Or maybe we both knew that it was bullshit that we could ever quit our incest with each other anyway now that we had had a taste of it. There was no way we could not do it. The urges were just too powerful. I have to admit those were pretty adult thoughts for a girl of 14, but mom always said I was precocious and ahead of my age.

I pulled my hand away for a moment and slid it between my Daddy’s skin and the elastic of his waistband. God, his crotch was warm and very furry. In a couple of seconds my hand was inside his shorts and back around his naked penis. I gripped it like he had shown me earlier. 

Daddy just sighed a little and played with my titty.

We took our time. I was no longer doing these things for the initial time; I was ready to savor each touch. I think Daddy was still hesitating to commit more incest with me, even if it was just more sexual play, but he was too aroused by me to stop. He didn’t say a word, but his hand left my tit and with two hands he grabbed the waistband of my panties and tugged them off of me.

Daddy grabbed my leg with his free hand and pulled my leg back over his. He found my butt and pressed it down, sliding his leg in between mine. I fitted my naked crotch against his thigh and I nearly died at the way my pussy was pleasured by the hairy flesh of his upper thigh, his leg filled the space between my two skinny thighs and I could feel the wetness of my vagina spill onto his skin. I fucked against his leg and it brought sweet sweet pleasure to my … cunt.

By now I was stroking his thickening cock and nuzzling my Daddy’s neck. Daddy was holding my butt tightly so that my pussy pressed tightly to his hairy leg my thighs loved the way his leg hair scrubbed the inside flesh of them. .

We rocked gently for several minutes as I fucked against him and he thrust his stiffening cock into my hand. I felt my pussy scrub on his flesh, working its way up the erogenous mountain toward me cumming.

After a long while of enjoying these erotic sensations Daddy pulled away. Quickly he pulled off his shorts and then tugged my ratty t-shirt over my damp curls. Once again we were naked together! He pushed me back onto the bottom sheet covering the mattress until I was laying on my back He scooped my body up with one arm and brought my chest up until he could bend down and suck my breasts into his mouth; gobbling one and then the other. His other hand slipped down between my thighs and he began rubbing my vulva. For the first time since we started making love in their bed, I made sounds -- I cried out at the sheer pleasure my body felt.


My hand was just able to grip his penis and I found it so hard and thick. I immediately began stroking it again.

In return, Daddy shoved his middle finger into the slit between my pussy lips and I squealed in joy as he pushed it deep into me.

I lay back, letting my head hang back, resting half my body on his arm, and closing my legs over Daddy’s loving hand. My titties were on fire from his mouthing. I was trembling and shaking with arousal. Daddy was kissing my tits, my neck and my shoulders as his fingers worked their magic in my pussy.

We spent a half hour semi-fucking in this way until both of us had brought each other to the brink of orgasm. Daddy’s cock was leaking silvery precum and my pussy was flowing warm wet pussy juice out around the two fingers he had jammed deep into my vagina over and over.

We were both breathing so hard. It was almost embarrassingly loud in the bedroom. I was squealing and yelling and crying out in pleasure while Daddy groaned and sighed and grunted as we played with each others’ bodies. But I was young and inexperienced; it quickly became obvious that we had run out of new ways for him to stimulate me in our semi-fuck foreplay. Eventually in the years ahead I would learn all the tricks from sucking his dick to the nasty arts of anal play, but right now my only trick was to jack Daddy off.  Daddy was hesitant to do all the erotic things he did with Mom. He had showed me so much in the last 12 hours, but there was so much more to learn.  And yet we were both so aroused and so close to cumming that I knew I was going to die if nothing else happened.

Daddy let me go, lowering my upper torso onto the pillows. He pulled his fingers out of my vagina. My hand was no longer on his stiff penis. He rolled away.

“Daddy, Daddy  ... I need to cum!” I was begging.

“I want to cum so much too, baby”, he said lying back on the sheets next to me, and panting his arousal.

We lay there for a long minute.

Finally Daddy moved. After a long desperate sigh he sat up and looked over at me, his baby daughter, now aroused and hungry for an orgasm, for a hundred orgasms!

I could see the serious thoughts he was considering. We were so dangerously explosive.

At last he got up on his knees and moved around until his knees were on either side of my legs. He pushed and pulled my body over the sheets until my body was in the center of the bed and my head was resting comfortably on a pillow against the headboard. He tugged another pillow loose and slid it under my hips so that my butt was slightly elevated. I just lay there limply and looked up at him with a hundred questions on my mind. I didn’t actually understand. Was he going to eat me some more? Oh god I would love that so much!

Daddy lifted my legs up and bent them at the knees, then let them fall on either side of him and he moved up toward my thighs. He first stared down for a long minute at my pussy, rubbing his cock as he looked at my crotch. Then he looked down at me in the near darkness. It was too dark to read his expression, but then he managed to reach over and turn on the dim setting of the table lamp on mom’s side of the bed. It was then I saw his fierce look of both determination and what I later learned was pure lust.

“I’m sorry, my little darling,” he was almost crying. He looked back down at my pussy and then lifted my legs until my knees were nearly back against my shoulders. I knew this made my vagina so exposed and open. Daddy was almost hypnotized by looking at my cunt. “I can’t ….”

“What Daddy?”

He pulled my legs back down and knelt in front of me between my thighs.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.


He looked at me for another tantalizing minute. I could see a silver thread of his precum drip out of his penis and then I looked back into his tortured eyes.

“I’ve got to fuck you, Candy.” he was raspy voiced. “I have to fuck you or you have to get up and go back to your room right now.”

He just swayed over me and looked down at my face.

I looked up at him until I was sure I understood the dilemma he faced and the choice he was giving me.

Then I just lifted my legs back up as he had placed them and I spread them wide. I knew he could see all of my pussy, my pubic muff, and the part of my ass not hidden by the pillow under my hips. I was so exposed to him and he was looking at it so hungrily.

“Daddy, yes.” I said. “Fuck me. Please … fuck me!” I held my arms open too, inviting him into me.

Daddy nodded slightly and smiled a savage, sad smile. He walked on his knees until they were against the pillow under me. He grasped his penis in one hand and leaned over me. He looked down onto my eyes. … and kept staring into them. I felt the tip of his penis slide over my clitoris as he moved his cock with his hand until the tip slipped into the slitted opening of my vagina. My heart was pounding so hard as I realized this was it! My daddy was really going to fuck me! I had dreamed of this so often and now his cock was at the entrance to my pussy!

I whimpered a little I think, in anticipation. His hands settled on the bed on each side of me. Then he began the first long slow stroke of his cock into my wet pussy. I can’t remember what the sound was that I made but I know I was nearly screaming in pleasure as his big penis slid into me and he thrust as deep into me as my virgin pussy would allow ….

Looking back on it now, I realize my first fuck was an awesome introduction to sexual intercourse, but at the moment I was just so involved in the sensations that I never considered that this wasn’t how every fuck would be in my life.

Daddy’s penis tip pushed past my wet little pussy lips and slid into me in one long hard stroke. I know I gasped. At first I was just aware of how long it was and how it was going so deep into me while it felt so amazingly wonderful. Nothing I had ever stuck in my vagina had felt like this! Soo good!

Then I realized I was also feeling the girth of it! Daddy’s penis was stretching and widening my pussy hole in such a powerful way that I never would have imagined. I couldn’t have known how wonderful the feeling of being filled by him was! Oh my god he was big and wide and so hard inside me! I wanted to spread my legs as wide as possible and get every inch of his penis into my vagina. I tried to, but then the pleasure of his first fuck stroke made me want to wrap my legs around him and hold him in me forever!

I know I groaned or screamed or made some girly sighing noise. It was overwhelming. I was filled with this hard hot flesh stick that was so alive! It was so big! Daddy’s penis was in me! The fuck-sensations of his penetration were flooding into my pussy so powerfully that I was sure nothing could ever feel this good! There was a quick little pain as Daddy’s penis tip butted into my cervix and I grunted; but Daddy immediately drew it back up my pussy hole. He knew what he was doing.

I started to protest and cry NO. I didn’t want him to pull it out! I would let him crush my cervix inside if necessary as long as he kept his hot cock in me -- in my pussy! I didn’t mean to grunt in pain, I didn’t mean to make him pull it out of me! But just as I started to be alarmed that he might actually take it out of my pussy hole, Daddy stroked down into me again and I felt the most wonderful sensation return as his dick filled me and stretched my cunt hole some more and penetrated me perfectly! Daddy was fucking me! This was fucking! This back and forth, in and out filling of my vagina with his live warm cock-stick! I could only squeal and wrap my arms around his neck as he fucked into me again. I couldn’t believe anything could feel this wonderful! My whole crotch was sweetly alive and … penetrated! Then he pulled back again and plunged into me again and he kept doing it over and over.

Each time I thought nothing could feel better than this and then each stroke was even better than the last one!  Some strokes hurt my cervix, some didn’t; but I didn’t care, even the pain of the tapping of his glans on my cervix became something I loved! Some of the plunging strokes were short but most were long and deep and breathtaking in the pleasure I was feeling in my vagina.  Daddy was fucking me! Fucking me! Fucking me!!

I felt his strong hands slide under my ass and grip my little-girl buttocks. That alone was a new sensation that made me dizzy with pleasure. Daddy pulled my butt up and held me tight as he fucked into me. Each stroke was a little harder, a little faster. I was dimly aware of a naturally perfect rhythm building in his fucking. Daddy was fucking me!

I lay under him with the pillows supporting my hips and Daddy’s hands holding my ass steady. I tried to fuck back and hump up to meet him but I wasn’t strong enough to do more than just push up a little and feel his heavy body pound down onto my crotch and drive me into the pillows as his marvelous cock speared into me again and again. It was so big, so soft and hard at the same time … so alive! His penis felt like it might split me open and I loved it! This was fucking! I was fucking! I was fucking my Daddy!

I heard Daddy groan and realized my eyes had been shut. I opened them to see my daddy’s face above mine. He had this look of something like pain on his face which I knew by now to be his look of sexual pleasure. He stared down into my eyes with such tenderness and love, though.

“Your … your  pussy,” he sighed, “it’s so wonderful!”

“Uh huh.” I moaned.

Daddy stroked into me again and groaned, “So fucking tight!

He groaned louder and stroked harder and faster into me.

I just looked up at him and kept chanting “uh huh, uh huh, uh huh” in time to his fuck strokes into my little cunt. I rocked under him and writhed gently as his penis gave me all the pleasure my body could take. My legs just sort of opened and closed in the same rhythm he was fucking me with.

Then he moved his body a little and I became so excited as the shaft of his dick slid over the tip of my little clitty each time he went in and out of my pussy. He was really fucking me!

All of a sudden from deep in my vagina something seemed to start growing. It was a hot trembling feeling of exquisite pleasure that came from his penis stabbing into me, only it seemed to spread from my clit and the tunnel of my pussy hole and flood through my crotch into my guts. My little titties began to feel on fire and ache, then they seemed to just blossom with sexual pleasure. I sort of grabbed and squeezed them and that only made the feelings stronger. My pussy was aching and then it was clenching around Daddy’s warm penis. I wanted to grasp Daddy’s cock tightly with the muscles of my pussy. Before I could even think about it my vagina was feeling so wonderful and it was spasming and clenching at Daddy’s dick in rapid squeezing motions. My clitty was throbbing in pleasure. Then that indescribable pleasure exploded in my pussy! I wanted to rock up and down and I tried to.

I remember crying out, “Oh Daddy! Ohhhhh Daddeeeee!”

… and then I was cumming in a way that I had never cum before. I lay under my father and felt the orgasm burst through me. Wave after wave of sex pleasure washed though my body. My pussy clasped and squeezed Daddy’s cock in an involuntary rhythm. My clit went crazy! I was having my first fuck-orgasm!  I squealed and writhed under my daddy and went all stiff for a moment before collapsing down into the mattress and the pillows under my ass, letting the powerful orgasm seep into me. I was panting, I felt faint from the pleasure, most of all I felt the wonderful goodness of having Daddy’s penis inside me where I could squeeze it and clench at it with my orgasming vagina and feel my clit pressed against my father’s cock flesh.

“Ohhh yes little girl,” Daddy sighed. “Oh fuckkk yessss!” I felt his body stiffen.

I felt my orgasm subside just a little and I thought to myself there can’t ever be anything that feels this good! I clenched my pussy muscles around my daddy’s penis just as he pushed it deep into me and held it there. My clit was mashed against his rod. I felt his balls rubbing against the flesh right below my cunt. I looked up at him to see his face contorted in sexual pleasure.

Just as I had decided this was the best thing ever, the quaking of my little vagina was joined by a new sensation of my father’s penis spasming and bulging in sympathetic answer to my pussy’s clenching. Then for the first time in my life I felt ultimate orgasmic pleasure as his rigid dick jerked and pulsed inside my pussy. Then a hot wet sensation came into my cunt and I began crying out in completion as I felt my daddy’s cum squirt into me.

“I’m cumming!” he cried, “Oh fuck, honey, I’m cumming in you!!”

He just kept squirting and squirting hot sperm into me for what seemed like forever, but was all too short at the same time.

I felt the warmth of Daddy’s semen spurt into me and fill my little pussy up until there was no room left to keep it inside me. My wet pussy juice and some of Daddy’s thick cum began to pump out around his swollen dick and spill out of my wet slit lips. My whole vagina was leaking out cum and pussy juice. It ran down the crack of my ass and made a puddle on the pillows below me. I felt Daddy collapse on top of me and press me down on the bed. I loved laying under him like that! I could feel his penis still pulsing inside of me, spurting out every drop of his semen into me. His hands still gripped my ass tightly and held me to his crotch.

We just lay there, breathless and felt the orgasm we shared slowly subside. Daddy was still very hard inside me and I squeezed and kneaded his cock with my vagina as I lay there panting under him. After a long time Daddy just sighed and slowly pulled his dick out of my pussy. I didn’t want to lose it! When it was out he rolled off of me, gathered me in his arms and began kissing me all over my neck and shoulders. Then he turned my body and we spooned together with his cock sliding along my ass and sticking between my thighs. He hugged me tightly and cupped my little tits in his hands as we began to relax just a little bit. I flexed my thighs, hugging his oozing cock between them and pushing my butt back against the warmth of his body. He pulled the edge of the bedspread over us and we lay there together.

It was as close to heaven as I ever expect to get.

I woke a short time later. It was dark in the bedroom. Daddy seemed to be asleep. My crotch was all wet and sticky, with semen and my juices coating the inner flesh of my thighs. I snaked my hand down between my legs and over my fuzzy cunt lips. It was damp everywhere, and my father’s congealed cum coated my pussy. I swirled my fingers through it and rubbed it along the inner flesh of my thighs. I don’t know, it just seemed “complete” somehow. This was the way the act of fucking was supposed to end, I thought. My fingers felt just right raking my pubic hair and rubbing along my pussy, feeling the liquid remainder of cum and pussy juice being all sticky there. Right below my pussy Daddy’s cock was still resting on my thigh. It was soft but still fat and half erect. I knew it was mine now so I gently rubbed and petted it and caressed it lovingly with my hand.

I drifted in and out of sleep for awhile but always returned to the memory of what had just happened to me and my Daddy tonight. Feeling the goopy wet mess between my legs reassured me that yes, we had indeed fucked. Daddy’s penis laying between my thighs let me know it was all real. Being able to touch and explore it let me know I could make it happen again.

I turned around and nuzzled my Daddy’s shoulder, kissing it and nibbling at it. My hand slid back down to his soft penis and I played with it gently. After a minute or so I could feel it begin to get hard.

Daddy moved a little as he woke.

“What are you doing, little girl?”

“I want to fuck some more, Daddy. Can we fuck again? Right now?”

“It’s nearly 4 a.m.” he mumbled sleepily.

“I don’t care.” I said. I started jacking his thickening cock as he moved his body and let it stick out further into my hand. “Fuck me again, Daddy. I want to! Please? … fuck me some more!”

Daddy slid his hand down between my legs and began rubbing my cum-painted vulva. I laughed quietly and snuggled closer to him, lifting my thigh so that his hand could more easily play with my pussy. Daddy’s penis was jerking in my hand as it stiffened up.


This time Daddy pushed all the pillows away so that I lay on my back on the sheet without my ass being elevated. I was so glad that Daddy didn’t wait at all, but just quickly pushed my legs open and rolled on top of me. He supported part of his body with his legs, most of his weight pressed down on my body. I loved the way his weight pushed me down into the mattress and also the wonderful way his torso felt on top of me. My naked little titties felt so good being mashed against his chest! His lips brushed my ear and he whispered softly.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass off little girl!”

I felt my little ‘snatch’ start flowing liquid out as I heard his whispers. I was all of a sudden so wet! I knew my pussy was a nasty mess of sweat and my daddy’s sticky cum and the sex juice from my vagina, but it only made me more aroused to know he wanted to fuck me this way. Daddy put his hands on the mattress on either side of my shoulders and lifted his torso up a little. I felt his cock head butt against my mound and slide between my thighs but it didn’t quite find the slick entrance to my pussy hole.

Daddy whispered, “Put me in you!”

I wanted him in me immediately, so without ever having done it before I was already reaching down. I grabbed his hard penis and fitted it to the slit of my cunt. It felt so natural to guide it there and open my legs wide as he pushed the head of his cock between my pussy lips.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!” I groaned.

If it had felt wonderful the first time Daddy had fucked into me, this time was even more amazing! He did a long very slow push down into my vagina so that I felt every inch of his stiff dick plunge into me. I sort of whimpered as the width of his cock stretched me again. It felt so big! Daddy’s wonderful penis more than filled me up! I felt my pussy respond and open wider to the girth of his prick, yet clasp and squeeze it tight as his wonderful shaft sank down into me. There was nothing in the world that felt better than the way my daddy’s slid deep into me!

I writhed under him. His cock pinned me to the bed at the very center of myself. I could believe how deep he was in me!

“Your pussy … your pussy is so friggin’ tight!” Daddy sighed, “it’s wonderful, Honey, … you feel so wonderful!”

“Oh Daddy, it love this! I love fucking you! I love you so much!”

As soon as Daddy’s penis went all the way into me he slowly backed it out, savoring every sweet movement as he pulled it up out of my vagina. The slow way he fucked me made me crazy with sexual pleasure. When his glans got right to the top of my pussy, Daddy shoved it back in me again, this time more powerfully and faster. The erotic feeling of his cock sliding against my vagina walls was so incredible!

“Yes, Daddy, oh yes!” I cried “Your penis feels so good in me!”

And then I said something that I had never ever heard before, but it seemed just exactly the right thing I needed to say … “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me HARD!”

I don’t know where the words came from, but their effect on my daddy was amazing! He drew his warm cock shaft out of me and then stroked back into me quickly and powerfully. He slammed his prick into me so hard it pushed my ass up the mattress. I couldn’t believe how awesome that hard stroke was! I was being fucked! Daddy was fucking me just like he fucked Mom in this very bed! He was fucking me hard and I was completely filled by his thrusting fuck-pole! Daddy kept thrusting in and out of my pussy, each stroke faster and harder and more powerful until my ass was bouncing on the mattress, and I was delirious with the fuck-pleasure flooding into my body!

I loosely crossed my legs over daddy’s butt and wrapped my arms around his back under his shoulders as he drove me into the mattress over and over again. I hung on and reveled in every pounding thrust into my pussy as Daddy fucked me so goddamn hard! I knew I was moaning and crying out, and I knew I was very loud. All I remember was me saying over and over again, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me … fuck me!”

“Yes darling,” my father groaned as he stuck his cock into me over and over. “I’m fucking you. God help me, I’m fucking you! Daddy’s fucking you!” 

“Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh  ...” I chanted, in time to his fuck-strokes.

Sometimes the full weight of him and his cock seemed to slam against my cervix and cause me to groan in pain, but mostly my daddy knew just how far to fuck into me so that my vagina was filled with unbelievable sexual pleasure. My head was rolling from side to side as we screwed. My eyes were shut tight savoring the pleasure of his shaft going into me and out of me so erotically. I was being fucked so good!

I felt my pussy come alive and the now familiar ache deep in my cunt told me he was going to make me cum. Daddy was making me about to cum!

Then my father did something that made me amazed. He stopped and quickly pulled his cock out of me. He lifted himself up onto his knees. I was puzzled and began to feel disappointed as the cum-ache in my vagina began to diminish. Daddy grabbed my body and manhandled me until I was flopped over onto my stomach. I had no idea what was happening! Had I done something wrong??

“Get up on your knees,” he commanded. He slid his forearm under my stomach and pulled me up so that in a second I was balanced on the bed on all fours, kneeling and swaying in front of my father. My nekkid little ass was right in front of his cock.

“Wha …?”

“shhh, Honey,” he said. “Spread your legs a little bit.”

I did as I was told, feeling Daddy’s fingers gently slide between my thighs and hold open my slit lips. I felt his warm wet cock slip into my pussy and I nearly died at the wonderful way it speared into me from behind. Daddy’s hands held my hips and steadied me as he fucked his penis deep into me.

“Oh goddd, Daaadyy!” I moaned. His crotch was pressed tightly to my ass and his balls bumped a little off-center against my inner thigh as he stroked into my vagina. I squealed in pleasure.

Daddy pulled me tight to him and began stroking deep into me from behind. I had never imagined anything like this, but it was completely wonderful! His cock seemed to go into me longer and farther than it had before. My little pussy was totally filled with him! The ache in my vagina started building again as daddy plunged into me over and over, tugging my hips back to meet his crotch as he fucked me from behind.

“Like it?” daddy sighed.

“Oh yess, Daddy! Oh yesss!”

Daddy rhythmically stroked in and out, driving me wild. As first I tried to keep my balance with my hands on the bed, but I learned quickly to reach up and grab the headboard to steady myself. I held on, letting him fuck me over and over in this now position he was teaching me.

“Now,” he panted, “Fuck back. Fuck back against me!”

It took me a couple of strokes to get the hang of it but then I was moving my ass back and forth as my daddy fucked his cock in and out of me. It was magical! I was rhythmically moving back and forth in time to Daddy’s fuck strokes, jiggling and pushing back against him until we were slamming into each other in perfect fuck action!

“I love it! I love it! Fuck me! Keep fucking me!!”

I was frantic in my fuck motions, pushing back, swallowing his cock with my vagina again and again. I could feel my orgasm building so powerfully!

Daddy leaned over my back as he fucked into me. Hi strokes were not so long now, but he kept powerful thrusts going into my pussy as his hands reached around and cupped my small breasts as we fucked. I groaned with sweet pleasure as my daddy squeezed and fondled my titties as I bounced my ass against his crotch over and over. I just let my head sink down between my arms and sway as my body moved back and forth in what I later learned was a “doggie-style” fuck! I gripped the headboard and pushed my butt back to meet daddy’s fuck strokes, each one more wonderful than the last. By its own, my pussy tunnel spasmed and clenched around daddy’s thrusting shaft every time he slid deep into me. I was getting so close!  Daddy squeezed my tits firmly and pinched at my tiny nipples. I thought they might pop! Oh it felt soooo good! And that was enough to drive me over the edge.

“I’m about to cum! Daddy I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah, baby, yeah! Cum!”

My vagina trembled and flexed and squeezed tightly around Daddy’s stroking penis. I pushed my ass all the way back into his crotch and squeezed my cunt hard around him. Daddy moved his hands back to my butt, grabbed my butt cheeks in his hands and pulled me back against him. He buried his prick deep into me as my cunt quivered and then exploded in a magnificent orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” I cried out. My whole body was racked with perfect pleasure. I shed and moaned and tried to get as much of daddy’s dick inside of me as I could fit as I came.

Daddy lifted his torso up and held his cock deep in me. He groaned and sighed an animal sound. And then I felt his penis throb and jerk inside my sugar walls. A warm pulse began deep in my vagina and began spreading. I was already dizzy from the orgasm washing through my body, but now my pussy was flooded with a hot squirting feeling as my daddy began to cum in me. I wanted to faint, but I didn’t. It felt so good.

Daddy held my ass tight and squirted spurt after spurt of his warm semen into my vagina. We both cried out and came with each other, swaying and pressing ourselves tightly together. His cum filled me up rapidly and as his last little pulses of sperm pumped out into my pussy, I could hear a soft pat pat pat as liquid cum and cunt juice dripped out of my slit and landed on the sheet below me. Every time I squeezed my father’s cock with my spasms another little stream of the wet goo sluiced out of me.

Finally, as our orgasms began to subside Daddy groaned and pulled his cock back out of me. He slumped sideways and lay prone on the bed, pulling me on top of him so that my leaky pussy drained onto his belly as I collapsed on top of him. We both lay there breathing hard until after a few minutes Daddy pulled my body up higher on him. He managed to get my knees over his shoulders so that I was kneeling over his face. He gripped my hips firmly and pulled my pussy down until his lips fastened on to the apex of my cunt and he began sucking. My clit! My clitty!! I had forgotten all about clit pleasure in the fuck action that had pleased my pussy so tremendously! Oh God! My clit felt too good!

Now my daddy sucked and licked it and kissed it, running his tongue back and forth and then up and down my puffy cunt lips. Somehow it was so arousing that his mouth smeared around in my crotch through all my nasty wet pussy juice and his cum and probably a little of my pee and a whole lot of my musky sex sweat! And then I cried out and raised my arms over my head as Daddy returned his lips to the erect nub of my little clitoris, sucking it between his teeth and chewing on it.

“Yes, Daddy, oh yes!” I groaned. “Eat me, bite me! Ohhhh do it!” I became lost in a hundred orgasms as my daddy feasted upon the crème pie between my thighs.

+++++++++++++++++++++++end for now+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

More to come as:

  • Daddy takes me to the movies where I masturbate him in the dark theater.
  • We go to the sex shop and buy a vibrator for me.
  •  Cock sucking.
  • I teach my teddy bear how to fuck.
  • I tell Freda about fucking and then Freda learns for herself.
  • Daddy spends a Saturday night with two teenaged girls in his bed.
  • Daddy finally tells Mom the truth and I tell what happens next. (Mom and I have a very long talk.)
  • Daddy and I spend a weekend at the cabin with Freda and her dad.
  • Back home again, I spend the night in bed with Dad and Mom.
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