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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Power of Mom

Mom couldn’t be happier.

The smile on her face is not just sexual ecstasy. She is so much in love with her two daughters and how they please her. She knows she has taught them well, and raised them correctly. This scene was years in the making. Mom needed to show them patience and love as she guided them through their sexual awakening. She taught them so much! How breasts provide the perfect flesh for foreplay; how clits are the source of incredible erotic sensations, how the interior of her vagina is the foundation of orgasm, how a good stiff dildo makes these acts complete. And - of course - all about orgasm. Mom even got her own piercings along with the girls’, and makes sure the nasty-nice erotic stimulation from the “bling” is shared and enjoyed.

Both daughters love sucking her taut nipples, one lovingly presses the small vibrator against Mom’s stiff clitoris, now all red and flushed from stimulation. The youngest daughter slides that wonderfully stiff penis-shaped dildo in and out of Mom’s shaved, aroused pussy. Both girls obviously know what these things do to Mom, and what will happen to their own pussies when it is their turn. This kind of sexual team-work just couldn’t happen unless Mom had carefully trained her young lovers and made sure they felt her mother-love. As a sexually knowledgeable parent, she always knew neither scolding nor harsh discipline would ever get them to this couch, this way.

This is a family where the girls have no need to rebel, or to pout or be self-absorbed to the exclusion of Mom’s and each sister’s gratification and orgasmic satisfaction. They share; they know the magic of giving sexual fulfillment and of cumming together. They know they will get as much as they give. 

Such a complex expression on Mom’s face! Her eyes are closed in sensual enrichment; perhaps even erotic fantasy and reverie. Her smile is not just the result of her orgasm building but in satisfaction that both her daughters can take such good care of their mother's masturbation needs. It’s soooo sublime, such a feeling of completeness, both her titties so well-loved, her pussy perfectly played with! Her orgasm is just starting, as her reflexive grip on the couch reveals. Hold on, it’s coming … it’s cumming! What else is coming? The chance for Mom to return the favor to each of her loving daughters’ young vaginas, the lessons she can continue to teach them by caressing their breasts and sucking their nipples in return, the play all three of them will share all afternoon!

Dad isn’t needed here, that plastic penis will do just fine. Just Mom and the Girls. The trio masturbating at home on the couch in safe, wanton, secret lesbian incest. No, not lesbian, really ... just mother-daughter intimacy the way it should be. Warm, feminine scents; sweet sticky pussy juice; hot girly-flesh to kiss and suck.

But what if he came home? Mom’s expression doesn’t show a hint of worry about that, and the girls are so relaxed. Even if he did walk in early from work, they know he would be positively amazed at this scene, and be caught in immediate sexual arousal. The only question would be whether he could produce enough cum to go around ….

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh, It's just Mom masturbating again ....

When she got like this, everything in the household stopped. She was in her zone and her pussy’s need ruled the family.  There weren’t any rules for anyone, except that she had to cum. Over and over and over. For hours, sometimes for a whole weekend. Unless you were there to assist with her playing with herself, just leave her alone. When she came, her sounds filled the house. If you liked the sounds, or loved them, you could watch or listen in her bedroom. If her groans and sighs and her erotic cries when she orgasmed bothered you, go visit one of your friends, … stay overnight. Nothing else mattered. If you got hungry, order pizza.  If you needed money, go in her purse. Let her masturbate. Let her do herself until she was satisfied.

When Dad came home from work and discovered she was doing it, he would roll his eyes, laugh, and after a while go check on her in the bedroom. Sometimes she wanted him to fuck her, sometimes she just wanted a dick to suck while she rubbed her cunt or shoved a dildo in and out. Sometimes she just wanted him to go away.

I loved coming home from class and finding her like this. Her bedroom would be thick with the smell of her cunt. I already had a hard-on by the time I tossed my stuff in my room and hurried down the hall to her bedroom door. By now the after-school routine was familiar to us both. I didn’t ask or anything, I didn’t need her permission to unzip and pull my erection out. She would always nod in agreement and smile at me as I pulled my jeans off. Masturbating together was our little mother-son activity. She would stop playing with her clit just long enough to pull me closer as I got on the bed. Then she would kiss and lick my penis and suck it into her mouth a few times, just to make sure I was erect and ready.

After that I never knew what would come next. It was always a sexual adventure. Sometimes she would just lie back on her pillows and continue playing with herself, leaving me to sit on the edge of the bed and jack off while I watched her. Both of us would just slowly build toward her next climax. Often she would treat me the same way she treated Dad. She would be hungry to have a cock in her mouth while she masturbated so she made me fuck her mouth as she jilled. When I had to cum, most of the time I pulled out from between her lips and spurted my jizz on her titties or her stomach; although often she would keep me in her mouth and  suck my sperm down her throat. Sometimes my deepest wish would be granted. She would pull me on top of her and guide my penis into her hot, wet pussy. Most often she didn’t even open her eyes to look at me after I was inside her; she just continued whatever fantasy she was in, with her eyes closed as I stroked and thrust into her.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I love the captions on many Masturbation Muse photos, some are so clever, erotic, or sometimes humiliating for us pathetic masturbators (delicious). Once in a while a photo is so suggestive that it can lead me off into a hard-dicked fantasy where I stroke and imagine a more detailed version of what our current muse might be saying. In this case a simple caption isn't enough. As you can read below, this one caught me up in my favorite fantasy-memories of Mom and how good she was to me as I was growing into adulthood .... Enjoy. [Thanks once again to Richard Lovel for his unsurpassed collections of Masturbation Muses here.]

“I know. I like looking at it too. I think pussies are beautiful. (Don't you think my pussy is beautiful?) Sometimes, before you get home from school, I just can’t wait to get it naked. I stand in front of that mirror over there and pull my panties down and just look at it. I get so excited anticipating what my pussy is going to make you do when you get here that I’ll even finger myself. Yes, surprise, your momma masturbates her pussy! Just a little – to make it wet for you.  I'm so often in such a hurry for you to get home!

"Seeing my pussy always gets you so hard right away. That makes it good for us both, don't you think? I love getting it naked and showing it off to you! You’re such a good, appreciative son. I want you to love it as much as any boy can love his mother’s pussy. You do love it, don’t you? You sure seem to! Your mother’s pussy is the very best for you, you know. I want you to love it.

“Go ahead honey, touch your cock now. Go ahead. Pull your pants down and masturbate for me like I've taught you. Ohhh, look how hard you’re getting! That’s it; masturbate your penis for me, Sweetie. Doesn’t it excite you when Momma plays with her clit like this?  I could stand over you and do this forever! It feels sooo good, doesn’t it?

“Keep masturbating, baby. Stroke that cock some more. You know that Momma owns your beautiful cock! You are so good when you stroke your cock so hard for me … and then cum. You know how much your momma wants you to cum for her, don’t you?

“Yes I do. I love to see you cum because of me. I love that you just have to masturbate when you get to see my pussy. You make me very proud. You do exactly what I want, don't you? You are your momma’s good little masturbator aren’t you? Well ... not so little … really. Hee hee.

“Ooooo, look at that oozing precum! This pussy makes you so aroused, doesn’t it? Lookit that silver juice coming out! Sooo pretty! Keep pumping honey … jack off your dick like I've told you to! (You are such a good son to do what you mother says.)

“Mmmm. Momma’s getting wet too, look how my finger slides through my juices. See how much Momma loves you when you are so good to her? Be my good son and cum for your momma. I want you to cum. Momma needs to see you cum. That’s right, baby, … keep masturbating! Masturbate! Masturbate!! Masturbate for Momma!

“No, don't worry; you don’t have to make it last this time. Momma doesn’t want to torture you and make you wait every time you do what I ask. Not this afternoon. I don’t feel like making you wait today. I want you to cum for me. I want to see your cum! Masturbate harder! Don't make me wait!

"As a special treat, Baby, as soon as you cum, Momma will let you kiss it.

“Kiss what? Why, kiss my pussy, silly. Kiss it right here where my finger is. Well, ... start by kissing it there, anyway. You know what your mother likes, Momma taught you how to be my good son and kiss my ... cunt. Kiss it and lick it.  Just as soon as you cum, you can kiss it. Kiss my bare cunt. As soon as you cum, you can kiss this wet cunt of mine again and again. You want to kiss Momma's pussy don't you? I shave it just for you, my son, to make it all smooth and naked for your mouth. I do that for you. Just for you. You love my shaved pussy, don’t you? I want you to kiss it as soon as you can.

“C’mon, honey, don’t make me wait! Cum! Cum for your mother! Hurry and cum! Masturbate harder!

“Momma loves it when you're masturbating like this. I love standing in front of you, over you, showing you my very wet pussy. Try to shoot your cum up onto it. Try to do it! Just like I taught you!

“Are you ready? Are you there? Are you gonna cum? ARE YOU GONNA CUM? Oh honey … honey … cum for me! I want you to cum for me right now! Cum for me now! Yessss!

“Oh my god, yes, Cum! CUM!  You're cumming! Shoot it up! Shoot it! Squirt it on my pussy! Here, let me move my pussy closer to your penis! Oh my god you’re cumming!!! You’re cumming!!! Keep cumming darling! Cum! Cum as much as you can! Doesn’t it feel so good to cum for Momma? So good! So good, so good!

“You’re such a good masturbator boy! Look at all your cum. You came so good for Momma! I love it so much! Don’t worry about you only cumming on my panties, next time you’ll shoot it onto my snatch, I promise. We get better every time, don’t we? This is so beautiful. You are so good to your Momma! You make your mother want to orgasm, Sweetie! To orgasm!

“Now … lift your head. Yes, just like I showed you.  That’s right. Kiss me. Kiss my pussy! Kissit! Kiss it, kiss it! Kiss your mother’s wet pussy! Kiss it all over. Okay, you can grab my titties too.

“You were such a bad boy, you know, making me wait for so long after school! You knew I needed an orgasm, you brat! You're supposed to hurry home! Now kiss my pussy and make me cum. Give me an orgasm with your mouth. An orgasm!Yes, like that!  Oh my god, make me cum, Sweetie. Make me cum, makemecum. Make your mother CUM!

Thursday, August 7, 2014



Several of you made it known to me that you enjoyed my father/daughter incest stories and wanted me to expand on my “Masturbating for Candy” story— graciously, some of you even suggested ideas. I started off trying to write them, but this novella appeared instead. This is just a rough draft, and I know it needs to be edited and rewritten and all that. I just thought you might want to read it anyway as it progressed. There will be more of it, I promise. I hope you enjoy it. ~Earl

Watching Daddy


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I’m not sure what it is about hairy pussies that make them so goddamn arousing to me. Don’t get me wrong, I also love the current trend in bare shaved pussies with the idea that it’s all there to see, every square inch, clean, polished and ready to lick. Mmmmm!

But the raw, wild, pure natural pussy is the one for me. A tiny jungle of exotic growth. Somehow it’s more erotic. It certainly looks nasty doesn’t it? And that’s sexy. Pussy should be nasty, forbidden, a little bit, no an awful lot  … dangerous, untidy, … not very “nice”. Because fucking is something not very nice, isn’t it? Fucking is bad. Fucking is nasty. Fucking … you shouldn’t even talk about it, it’s forbidden. It’s adult, and messy and not proper at all.  A pussy should be all those things. 

Even wearing panties, a hairy pussy is out of control! It’s so powerful, … so … so … untamed. Feral!

 And every one of those women knows … just one glance at it will make you so very hard. Flashing it is so provocative, so explosive! When a woman spreads her thighs that way, you know she’s demanding that you quit being “nice”. That you can’t be proper or courteous or a gentleman any longer. You have to be nasty now. You have to do dirty, nasty things. Forbidden things. Naked things.  It’s so beautiful how when she combs her pussy hair back with her fingers for you, the naked pink flesh is laid bare: so inviting, so ready. You have to man up and … fuck! You have to be bad for my pussy, you have to stick your penis in it. Yes that dirty rod you pee out of. I’ve spread my legs, stick it right here in the middle of this messy bush of tangled, damp pubic hair! Fuck me! Get your prick all wet with my slimy juices that drain out and soak into these coarse curls covering my crotch! My pussy juice drips down through those hairs to my asshole! Nasty! Stick your cock in my hole! My hair-covered, hotwet fuck-hole!”

And once it’s in there, slide it in and out in my slick juices. Then squirt your sticky gooey cum in there! Squirt your nasty creamy jizz into my hairy pussy! Fill it up with that warm milky sperm! And when you pull your greasy, softening cock out, be sure to dribble a trail of your thick coagulating semen into my bush, my thick muff of pussy hair! Let it soak in too!

Pussy hair! Coarse, wiry, clinging to your fingers as you rake then through her muff. Scrubbing your nose as you fit your lips to her clit. Pussy hair! Full of those exotic, wonderful scents of her! Inhale them deeply as you lick her labia, kiss her cunt. Spicy, musky, nasty-erotic crotch smells from her cuntjuice and her ass. The flavors of her vagina flooding your tongue as you eat her. Pussy hair! A kind of cushion for your face as she slams her crotch against your mouth, demanding you drill your tongue into her. Harder! The raw redness you come away with from the scrubbing pussy hairs after you’ve performed the cunnilingus she demanded with her sighs. An hour of burying your face in the nest of her muff as you lap the hot juices from her vulva. Her whines only encourage you as she holds your head – hands gripping your ears -- between her thighs and writhes against your mouth. Harder!

Pussy hair!  Her muff’s like a napkin to wipe that slimy mix of your cum and her cuntjuice partially off your lips before you lick and kiss your way up her body and put your mouth on hers so that she can taste you both on your tongue.

So tight do you suck her pussy that you don’t even care about the loose strand of her pubic hair stuck on your tongue or sliding down your throat. You might want to spit out a stray pussy hair, but not right now, not at this exact moment when her clit stiffens and throbs and her vulva pulses to the assault of your lips and your tongue. Bite her gently there!

Hold her ass in your two hands and gobble her snatch as she groans and twists her body, trying both to get away from the too-intense pleasure of your mouth and yet trying to fit every inch of your tongue into that gushing gap so that you can lap her g-spot.


Pussy hair! Somehow as you kiss, her hand finds your cock and scrubs it back and forth in that wet nasty thatch of pubic hair; scratching, scratching, brushing the head of it until she guides your glans between her labia and humps up at you, driving you deep into her snatch again. You love the way her jungle forest of pussy hair melds with and rasps against your own, your crotch; tickling your balls as your dick slides all the way into her one more time.

So nasty! So  wonderful!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


She never hid it from you, her little man. She’d let you into the bathroom when you wanted, to watch her pee. Just a little kid, you’d stand there and watch the last lemonade-colored droplets of her piss drip off her nut-brown pubic hair and plop into the toilet water.

You watch when she reached for the toilet paper and wiped herself, spreading her legs so that for the first time you could see all of that long slit between her thighs. Sometimes she’d let you hang the red rubber bag on the hook on the back of the bathroom door, the hot water sloshing. She’d uncoil the thin red rubber hose as she sat down on the toilet seat and stick the plastic wand into that pretty slit, opening her legs. She let you watch everything as she undid the clip on the hose and filled herself with the hot water and then let it flood out and splash into the toilet bowl. Mommy is washing herself down there.

Weekday mornings after Daddy left for work, she’d call you into the bedroom and lift up the covers, letting you crawl in and “snuggle” when she closed the blanket back over you both. Her nightgown was always open and yes you could … it was okay … you could put your face to her titties and suck on her nipples. You like Mommy’s nipples a lot don’t you? She would pull your little body to hers and you’d feel her soft warmth envelop your body. In a while she would pull up her night gown and hold her naked slit against your stomach or chest and grind her public hair against your skin. To this day you love the way it scrubbed on you – and how there was a smear of wetness on you where her slit rubbed over you. You thought maybe it was leftover douche water, or her piss, but it was nice. It smelled nice. She taught you to slide your slender leg between her thighs so she could grind her public hair against it, hard.

When the kids at school taught you it was called a pussy, you told her and she laughed. Yes that’s what it is. You knew it made her feel good to mash it against your skin, and one morning in her bed when your peepee got hard she mashed it there holding your ass tight in her hands and pulling you to it. It felt good to you, too! Soon she began holding your hard little peepee to her crotch as she grinded her pussy on you. One time you thought you were in trouble because all of a sudden as she mashed against it you had to pee very bad. You couldn’t hold it and this wonderful feeling happened as you squirted piss or something out of it. But she laughed happily and hugged you tighter. She moved her hand down, squeezing your peepee and fondling it.

By junior high, you knew that all other mothers never let your friends see their pussies or their titties. Those parts of their bodies were forbidden. They didn’t touch your friends’ penises. But your mom was special. You and she could cuddle on the couch and watch TV at night. Her hand would slide over onto your crotch. You always had a hard-on for her. By now she had “jacked you off” so many times! She would signal when it was "pussy time" by pulling her housedress up and sliding her panties off. It was okay to pull your jeans down then.

You automatically fitted your thigh between hers and her hot mommypussy humped on your leg as her hand found and rubbed your penis as you pressed together on the couch. Dad sat in his easy chair and never paid any attention. That’s nice, suck my nipples. You still loved the way her pussy scrubbed your skin raw and how she would tremble and bounce against you as Maverick played on the T.V. By now you knew what your “cum” was and you squirted it onto her tummy or her leg or into her hand as her slit mashed against you, hard. Yes, it’s supposed to go into Mommy’s pussy, that’s what men do with it. Not yet. Someday when you’re older. And she made you wait for so long!

Eventually Dad bought her a recliner to match his and the chairs sat in the family room in front of the T.V. It was high school. You’d hurry home and find her sitting in her recliner watching the soaps. Your cock was hard from the moment you got home. She was waiting for you. She’d pull her skirt up and her panties would be off. She smiled as she let you look at her cunt. She’d tug at the recliner’s lever and slide the chair back, lifting her legs and draping them over the arms of the leather chair. You would just stare at her beautiful naked pussy, her crotch wide open for you. She had her private, secret signals for you so that you knew if she wanted you to stand there and masturbate and squirt onto her, or if you were supposed to sprawl on the lower part of the recliner and put your face between her thighs. By now she had taught you how to kiss her pussy, how to lick it, and how to slide your fingers inside her. You did what she wanted. She was your mom. If you were an especially good boy she would give you a “ride” on the recliner with her. You could nestle on top of her or beside her and she would let the recliner go all the way back so the two of you were prone on the leather upholstery. Kiss me. Kiss my titties. Ohh your prick is ready isn’t it? She would masturbate you as you sucked her nipples or nuzzled her neck. When she was ready she would pull you tight to her and let you thrust your hard dick against her muff, scrubbing, scrubbing into her thick pubic hair until you would come. You could squirt it on her pussy if you had the presence of mind to. She loved that. But anywhere on her body was fine. Just squirt it on me. You’d help her wipe it off with some Kleenex later.

She would masturbate you in any room in the house when she was in one of her moods. She would open her blouse in the kitchen and make you hard showing you her breasts, then push you against the refrigerator and jack you off as she pressed her crotch against you. Or stand in the living room and pull her jeans down to reveal her pussy. She would tease you with her beautiful pouting slit lips and make you kneel on the carpet and kiss her clit, that sweet pink erect stalk at the top of her mommypussy. She would come out to the garage and shove her hand into your pants and fondle your cock until you squirted cum into her hand or your shorts while you fondled her titties. Come in the house for a tittyfuck, honey. Don’t touch your sister this way. Promise.

The kids in school wondered why you were always in such a hurry to get home. A day came when you rushed in the front door, you cock already erect. You dropped your backpack in the hallway and had your jeans off by the time you were in the family room. She looked up at you from the recliner and read the expression on your face. She sighed and nodded her head gently; not to you, but to herself. She knew it was time. It took her just a minute to get out of her clothes and sit back in the recliner, her naked butt making a soft rubbing sound against the leather. She pulled the lever and let the chair slide all the way open. To this day the sound of any recliner mechanism or the creaking of an easy chair as it opens can trigger your erection. She lay back and put her feet on the edge of the foot rest, letting her legs fall open. You felt your throat tighten as you saw her marvelous mommypussy once again naked for you in the leather chair. She just reached her arms up and invited you to lay on top of her there in the big recliner. Okay. Okay, honey. You lay down on top of her and stared into her smiling eyes as her hand found and guided your prick to the slit between her legs, that slit that had fascinated you since you were a little boy. Okay, honey. I know … it’s time. You can't wait any more. And at last she let you push your cock into her. You felt her clasp you with that marvelous mommypussy as you finally – finally -- sank your cock into it.

I know, I know, baby. Yes, just like that. Yes that’s it. Harder.

When you were dating, you didn’t need the girls to “put out” as desperately as the other boys did. You were happy when you "got some." But, Mommy was always waiting to masturbate you. Want Mommy to fuck you, baby? Come out on the couch.

You know now, all these years later. Wonderful mommypussy was the foundation of your sexual life. Those porn girls are sexy beautiful, but you tend to get harder for those plumper, older MILFS. Your first thought when you masturbate is about her pussy. When your hand touches your penis it is her hand you imagine. All these years you've been a slave to Mommy’s cunt. You want to hear her voice telling you what you are supposed to do with your cock. It is that hairy slit of your childhood that makes you weak. You squirt into her when you fuck your handpussy. You jack with your eyes shut and you are fucking her tits once again. Your mouth waters to the memory of her juices on your tongue. You wad the tissue just the same way and hold it to your glans just the same way when you cum, just like she taught you. Her whispers fill your mind when you masturbate. Yes darling, cum in Mommy. Cum in Mommy’s pussy. It’s okay.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Granny Begins My Addiction

  [Note: This was published online at Onania.Org yesterday, 3/10/2014. I figure my loyal readers deserve to have it too.  Plus, you get pictures!]

If I am a chronically addicted masturbator (and I am), my first “pusher” was my grandmother. It was she who “strung me out” and made me so that any time I get the chance, I masturbate, even after all these years since she first got me addicted to it.

When I was about 11 my parents sent me to stay with her for a week while they went out of town. I told my mother I didn’t want to stay with Grandma because she was fat and I didn’t like her. And she was fat, around 250 pounds, I guess. She had a bulging tummy, fat thighs and a huge ass. She sort of rolled when she walked and I thought she was awful.

 My mother just smiled and told me that’s where I was going anyway.

At Grandma’s house, I stayed in my room as much as I could. I had learned to masturbate that summer and I thought that it would be the perfect time to jack off. Grandma was just letting me be alone in the guest room. I waited until I knew she was downstairs watching her TV and then I took my clothes off and began to jerk off. Just as I was really getting into it, I looked up to see Grandma standing in the bedroom doorway. The look on her face scared me and my erection immediately deflated.

“Get your clothes on and come downstairs immediately!” she said and went away.

When I got downstairs she was sitting in her easy chair in front of the TV with a cross look on her face. She pointed to the floor in front of the chair and told me to stand there in front of her. I went and stood there very still.

“Did anyone give you permission to masturbate in my house?”

“No, Grandma,” I was mortified.

“Do you think you can just come in here and squirt your cum any time you please?” her voice was very harsh and scolding.

“No, Ma’am.”

“You only get to cum when I SAY you can; DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You don’t
 masturbate in my house unless I tell you you can! Are we clear?”

“Yes” I was barely able to speak above a whisper, I was so embarrassed. I stood there as she stared me down.

“Do you want to jack off now?” she smirked.

“No Ma’am.”

“Well, you shouldn’t! … It’s nasty and it’s wrong to do it in my house. People can only do it if I say you can.”

“Okay, I’m so sorry.”

“Come closer,” she demanded. I crept up another step. Exasperated she reached out and curled her pudgy fingers into my waistband and pulled me right up to the edge of her chair.

“You think I’m ugly because I’m fat.”

“I … I ..”

“Shut up!”

“You think these are fat and ugly, don’t you?” She pointed at both her mountainous breasts covered by her sweater. I didn’t say a word.

“Look at me!” she said.

Her hands went to her sweater and pulled it up. Now I could see the large white bra holding them. The cups were huge.

I could barely breathe as she shrugged out of her top and reached behind her and unfastened the clasp on that huge bra. I will remember that forever.

Her giant tits spilled out as she pulled the bra off.

I stared at them. I couldn’t move. Her breasts were awesome — huge white bulging mountains with fat pinkish brown aureoles the size of coasters. In the middle were reddish fat nipples the size of the end of my thumb. I realized they were magnificent!

“Think they’re ugly now?” she taunted. She held each one in her hands and hefted them up away from her body. “Yes, they are fat. … good n’ fat!”

“I …um …they … they’re beaut –“

“Sure …you think they’re beautiful now.” She smirked. She let them fall back onto her body and leaned forward, letting their pendulous weight make them sag. My penis began to throb.

“Now do you want to masturbate?”

Without waiting for an answer she pulled at my belt, unclasped it and unzipped my pants.

“Let’s just see,” she chuckled.
My pants slid down around my knees. She tugged at my briefs with her pudgy fingers and they came down too. My penis was jerking and stiffening. Even though it was naked in front of my Grandma, my erection was growing.

“Oh yes, you want to masturbate.”

I’ll never forget the gentle way she reached out and curled her fingers around the shaft of my penis and stroked it, making it harder and harder.

“Your parents haven’t taught you anything about jacking off yet, have they?”

“Uh uh.” I grunted. I just stood there and watched as my grandmother masturbated my penis until it was hard.

“Your mom should already be teaching you this stuff,” Grandma said. She was sweetly milking my shaft as she looked up at my face. “ .. and your dad. He knows a lot of tricks.

She was quietly laughing at me as she jacked me off. “I guess they haven’t realized you started a little early.  I’m sure they will want to show you everything. I’m just going to teach you little bit about how to behave.

“My titties are pretty to you now, huh?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Let’s do this …” Grandma pulled my penis forward until the tip of it was touching her left nipple. She held her big tit in one hand and circled the tip of my prick around and around her hard nipple. A little thread of my precum stretched out over her areola, then it broke and the silver goo painted her nipple.

“Fun, huh?” she smiled. She lifted up her other breast and pressed my cock against her other nipple, making it sink into her tit flesh. I was trembling. I had never imagined something could feel that good!

“Your mom used to suck on these as a baby. Your dad sucks on them too, only that started much later.

“Now, every once in a while, she’ll suck on one, and he’ll suck on the other.” The picture of that in my head made me want to cum. She stared at her nipples and my cock kissing them, remembering, I guess, those moments with my parents.

It was overwhelming! I couldn’t believe how good my dick felt as she played with it, moving it back and forth from one of her nipples to the other. I felt my penis start to spasm. Grandma did too.

Don’t you cum!” she said, “Don’t you dare cum!” Grandma squeezed my dick really hard and held it until it was painful and it stopped me from cumming.

“Remember,” she said “you only get to cum when I say you can cum! You have to hold it! You have to until I say different! This is my house and you do what I say with your penis!!”

“I … I’ll try, Grandma.”

“Try very hard.” She demanded. She held my penis is a vice-like grip until she was sure I wouldn’t cum.

“You like my titties, now, don’t you? You don’t think they’re ugly at all, do you?”

I shook my head and tried not to cum, but I really really wanted to. At last she let go a bit and began jacking me off slowly. She spent a long time just masturbating me with my dick pressing against one of her nipples or the other.

“You can fuck them now,” she said.

She gathered her breasts in her hands and pressed them around my shaft. They molded around it and I was held inside an incredibly soft warm tunnel. I started thrusting back and forth in her deep cleavage, fucking her giant tits and groaning as she squeezed them around my little penis.

“That’s it, honey,” she said, in such a different, grandmotherly tone of voice; so loving, so sexy. “Fuck them. Fuck my titties!”

I did as I was told, although I was very young and had no idea what I was doing. I just kept stroking into that wonderful valley of tit flesh my grandmother was making for me. Every time I was on the verge of orgasming, she would stop it with her death grip on my penis until the urge to cum subsided. All the while she whispered her sexual thoughts and instructions to me.

“You haven’t seen a pussy yet, have you? … eventually maybe I’ll let you see mine if you obey me. I don’t think you’ll find it ugly either.

“ .. let your mom show you this … I’ll tell your dad to teach you how to “edge” … ohh your pretty little penis is so hard! ….”

Ahhhhhhh!” I cried.

All of a sudden there was nothing I could do, my cock suddenly quivered and spasmed and I began squirting cum. The first spurt flew up toward my Grandma’s face, the next two spurts painted the tops of her breasts and then she got control of my penis and held it to her left nipple where it squirted over and over against that hot hard button. The cum dripped down onto her fat, jean-covered thighs. I had never cum like that in my life before! It was the best thing I had ever felt. I was close to fainting.

“Ohhh, Honey!” Grandma cooed. “You weren’t supposed to cum yet! But I know, … it just felt too good didn’t it? God you’re cumming so much!”

Grandma pulled me down so that I sat in her lap. We both stared down at my penis as it jerked and spat out more sperm, the last drops oozing out and leaking down into my crotch. She pulled some tissues out of the box on the table by her chair. She handed me some too.

“Help me wipe up,” she said. She began wiping my cum off her cheek and her chin. “Don’t be shy; you can wipe it off my tits.”

She cuddled me in her lap for awhile, petting my penis, wiping us both off wherever the cum had spurted.

“Next time, you have to hold it better.” She said. “You have to wait until I let you cum. You have to learn. I’m SERIOUS!!”

She pushed me off her lap, making me stand up and pull my pants back up.

“If you want to see my pussy, you better practice on doing it right, young man.”

She handed me the box of tissues and told me to go back to my room.

As I went up the stairs she said. “You have my permission to jack off tonight as much as you want, only don’t be in a hurry to cum. You have to learn to hold it until I say!”

“Okay, Grandma.” Already I wanted to masturbate some more, and I wanted desperately to see her pussy.

“We’ll start teaching you real discipline tomorrow.” She said to my back.

And don’t cum on my sheets!” she yelled.

That was my first lesson, my introduction to my addiction.



“Did he fuck you?” my mom asked into the phone.

“Well, that’s very nice, Mother, but you could have if you wanted; I mean, it doesn’t have to be me first."

"Well yes, it is his cherry,” she said, “... See my pussy? … he’s earning it right now.

She turned and looked at me. ”Grandma says you can’t cum unless I say you can.”